October 13th, 2010

Roger "Come on"

30 winners, 9 unforced errors


Isner was obviously outclassed and outmatched but Roger didn't have to play that well. But he did. I think he knew that his loyal fan, i.e. me, has been depressed as hell lately and needed something to smile about. He played SO many jaw-dropping - literally jaw-dropping - shots that I'm once again left wondering if he's human. His forehand was absolutely on fire today, painting the lines and hitting the corners, and his loopy backhand up the line winner was just incredible. I didn't even know it wasn't an easy shot until the commentator said that he made a difficult shot look easy.

Doesn't he always, though? He flits across the court with ease, as if it costs him nothing, and swing away so freely at the ball that it doesn't appear as if he's expending any effort at all. He's such a joy to watch.

You know, things almost got to a point where I'd avoid his live matches because I didn't want to deal with the stress of watching him live, fretting over every point and hoping like hell he'd win. It almost got to a point where I thought, I have enough fucking stress in my real life; I don't need stress in my non-life.

But seriously, watching Roger in top form is still an incredible experience, no matter how many times I experience it. I just love watching him. He's so elegant and sharp and precise and when he's aggressive, it quite literally takes my breath away.

Also, he really should be some sort of a diplomat after he retires. I was so charmed by the crowd's obvious support for him that I actually thought I'd be able to sit in the stands, amongst PRC Chinese people, and NOT feel irritated because they were all in support of the Mighty Fed. Maybe Roger Federer is the answer to world peace.

Anyway, he plays Seppi next, who beat Lu Yen-Hsun, who had to play THREE matches in one day, including his doubles match. Fucking unfair. I'm sick of Roger playing Seppi 'cause it's always the same thing, so I was quite looking forward to watching Roger play Yen-Hsun. Too bad the rain screwed up the latter's schedule and forced him to play 3 matches in one day.

As for my real life, I don't fucking want to talk about it.

I will say, though, I love my boyfriend very much.


ETA: I forgot to mention this - there was YET ANOTHER between-the-legs shot. Roger miraculously managed to get it over the net. Isner stood guard at the net, but the ball bounced off his racquet lamely and bounced out of the court.

What the fuck! I almost died laughing.

I also nearly died laughing at all the drop shots Roger unleashed on Isner. Being the giant that he is, Isner's movement is pretty bad; as such, all he could do when Roger dropped him was to stand there and watch the ball come over the net. IT WAS HILARIOUS.

I have nothing against Isner, but if he's the future of American tennis, then I think the Americans should give up. That is all.