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David Cook and Roger Federer in one post.

Completely random:

Chris Cornell writes awesome songs for himself, but (co-)writes a schmaltzy, generic piece of shit for David.

There is no justice in this world. I think I wasn't harsh enough on David's single in the entry where I talked about it. The more I listen to it, the more I think it's terrible. There's nothing memorable about the song at all - the melody is generic, the chorus is the same predictable, power-vocals, even pretentious big chorus with loud, angry, aggressive guitars. Hmm, where have I heard this before? Oh yeah, Nickelback and Daughtry.

Bor-ring. The only reason I'm not alarmed is because David didn't write it, and I still have faith that he's way above this cookie-cutter generic radio rock shit. I know I wasn't wrong about him, not just because it's simply not possible for me to like someone ordinary. (Yeah, because this is all about me.) I'm just really surprised that Chris Cornell is credited as a co-writer. Maybe it's just the lyrics? But even so, the lyrics suck. David writes much, much better lyrics than that.

Shit, I need to buy Chris Cornell's latest album. The songs are awesome. Why couldn't he have written something of this calibre for David? Okay, so they're not radio-friendly, but...I hate listening to the radio. I hate most of the pseudo-rock songs on radio. If it wasn't David singing the song, I wouldn't even listen to Light On the whole way through the first time.

Oh well, can't wait for the CD anyway.

On another note:

"Dear [Yelen],

Greetings from AXCESS TICKETS!

Thank you for your interest in purchasing tickets from Axcess Tickets.

We are pleased to advise you that your ticket(s) have been confirmed and the said amount has been charged to your credit card as follows:..."

I am really, really, really going to see Roger Federer play in person. I can't even digest that right now. I hope my Feder-Bear, which Lavan so kindly offered to buy for me (I can't thank him enough!), arrives before that so that I can get Roger to sign it! Failing which, I'd ask him to sign that Rolex magazine I nipped from that watch store last week.

Also, I was reading some blog Roger wrote for the ATP website in 2006 when he was in Tokyo winning the Japan Open or whatever it was called. He's actually got a very, very lame sense of humour. I couldn't stop laughing throughout the whole thing. He talked about how high-tech the toilet in his hotel room was and in a later entry, called it a "Space Ship" ("the space ship I sit on in the morning". Why did he think his fans wanted to know about his toilet routine? Too much info, Roger!). Like...okay. Then he mentioned playing a joke on his girlfriend Mirka by mixing a hell lot of wasabi in her food and subsequently called himself Captain Wasabi. Like...seriously? I can just die.

I can't believe it. My mysterious, sophisticated, suave Roger is actually completely lame. Assuming he wrote everything himself, his written English, while not perfect, is surprisingly good actually. There are some weird grammatical choices but I chalk that down to his being European. I swear, Europeans sometimes have weirder English than Asians.

Anyway, I ought to finish the article I've been reading since last night. I can't even begin to put into words how utterly lazy I feel, and am, so I won't bother to try.

When I finally let it sink in that I'm gonna be seeing Roger Federer in person, I'll come back here and freak out. Yay.

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