February 25th, 2011


Fuck you very very much.

I'd like to start this entry off on a positive note: I LOVE ROGER FEDERER.

He's so squishy and gorgeous and sexy and he's a happy banana milkshake in his bright yellow polo and white shorts. Whenever I get stressed out at work, which is every other minute, I start looking at my growing collection of Roger pictures in my hard drive and I feel a bit better. If only I can clone him and put him in a corner in my office room.

Two comments about his Dubai match last night:

1. I laughed so hard when he challenged his own serve; and
2. MMMMM SHIRT CHANGE. God, his left arm is so much smaller than his right arm. But oh my god, his broad, manly, sexy chest.


Actually, Wei Chuen plays squash but his right arm isn't bigger than his left arm. That said, when he wears a fitting t-shirt one sleeve is shorter than the other, but this doesn't seem to happen for Roger, though it is the same for Nadal.

Er, okay, I'm clearly not going anywhere with that thought so let's just move on.


The real purpose of my writing this entry is to let off some steam with regard to some grievances at work. I've been pissed off on quite a number of occasions at work, no doubt; but today was just...my anger turned into rage, which nearly turned into hate. In fact, it might have actually turned into hate.

In principle, I have no objection to the thing that I asked to do, if only because someone apparnetly has to do it and I don't think I'm so special that I should be exempt from doing it just becuse I don't want to (because nobody would want to do this piece of shit work). What really utterly pissed me off was the manner in which I was asked to do it.

Oh wait, what am I saying? I wasn't even asked; I was told. And I was told by some no-EQ fuck who isn't someone who can remotely be described as my boss.

I used to be quite okay with this person. That was before I had the misfortune of working with said person. I'm not someone who's good at separating my interactions with a person into "social basis" and "work basis", so now that this person has completely pissed me off, I'm not going to be as nice to said person as I was before this happened. When I ask someone of my level to do something, I say, "Hey [person], can I ask you something? Is it okay if you helped me do this if you're able to?"

No way in hell would I go, "Hi [person], I need you to do this stupid piece of shit work that no one else wants to do and I'm telling you to do it even though you're my peer and I have no authority over you, and the fact that I haven't mentioned at all which senior asked me to delegate this to you pretty much shows that it was my own decision."

To exacerbate things further, said person really had no idea what said person was talking about. I specifically asked said person who I should send the email to - said person said, "Oh, the mailing list lah."

Based on that, I sent my email to the mailing list which includes the partners on the file. As I wasn't sitting around the office doing nothing, after I sent the email I went away from my computer to discuss something for a Court of Appeal hearing next Tuesday with Senior Associate. When I got back to my computer about 45 minutes later, I saw an email from one of the partners on the file asking me what was going on. This was followed by an email from said person to the people on the file, informing them of what I will be doing going forward. It was really quite amazing because I didn't know that I was going to be doing those things. It's incredible, right, the way in which said person can predict the future?

Said person replied to the partner's question, so that was that. But apparently that could have been avoided, because said person called me and said not to email everyone on the mailing list; just email the associates.

By that time I was pissed beyond belief and I gave said person monotonous one-word replies. I really wanted to shout at said person, especially after I hung up and couldn't get over how said person 1) talked to me like said person's my fucking boss; and 2) didn't even know what said person was doing and told me to do something that was wrong. Said person couldn't even tell me things properly; said person told me the first part, left out the middle, then expected me to know the last part.

What the flying fuck. I'm sorry if I have better things to do with my time in the office than this file, but I've been fuck-busy the past two weeks which has put me in a piss-poor mood, and your utterly disrespectful manner of speaking to someone who's at the same level as you, not to mention your poor communication skills and non-existent ability to convey clear instructions, did not help matters.

I've never wanted to strangle someone as much as I wanted to strangle said person today.

And for the record, because it's important to say this, I did not go to law school, get a law degree, get called to the bar, to do secretarial work.


I'm so annoyed at so many things at work today. I've been so annoyed by so many things at work this whole week. I'm usually at my angriest on a work day when I'm on the train, but I think I was even angrier this entire week at work than I've been on the train.

I'm just flabbergasted by some people. I just - I don't know.


On another note, I'm utterly disgusted by what's happening in Libya. Qaddafi is a fucking psycho - there are no other words to describe him. Who does this? Okay, that's a stupid question as history can answer this pretty easily; but who does this? Obviously, you have to be seriously fucked up and an unrepentant megalomaniac to cling on to power in such a brutal, uncivilised and reprehensible manner.

In theory, this is a clear "responsibility to protect" situation, but I'm not sure I'd ever be in favour of military intervention. Instead, I think I honestly believe that the international community who are so inclined to help should send the Libyan people some fucking weapons so that they can fucking fight back. It's beyond ridiculous that this fucked up government is hiring mercenaries to help it quell the uprising. SERIOUSLY. It angers me so much to know all this.

I think Qaddafi should just kill himself. And his son - oh my god, I don't know where these utter morons come from. I don't even know what to say.


TIME FOR ROGER! I'm so glad he's playing Gasquet and not Simon. I'd be slightly worried if it were Simon as the match-up sucks, but Gasquet? Hahaha. Gonna be quite relaxed.