May 6th, 2011

happy girl

More elections.

I wanted to do a proper post on the elections but I'm honestly too tired and I need to sleep early, so I'll just say the following:

1. OMG SYLVIA LIM'S DELIVERY OF HER PARTY'S MESSAGE ON CHANNEL 5 TONIGHT WAS FANTASTIC. The Jeannette person from NSP spoke well, but it sucked to be the one speaking immediately after Sylvia. I couldn't stop thinking about her speech and I wanted to hear it again. I liked how she focused on the bigger picture: the need for different voices in Parliament. I also liked her "is that what you want?" and her speaking to us like a principal gently chastising a stubborn student. It was awesome.

2. My adoration for Vincent Wijeysingha has almost reached an irrational level. He appeals to me because he's well-spoken, he knows what he's talking about, he's smart, he sounds exactly as educated as he is, and he always comes across as sincere. He comes across as not having a single dishonest bone in his body. Of course, I don't know this for sure; I'm just saying that it's the vibe that he gives off. I almost wish he'd joined the Worker's Party instead but honestly, I've always had a soft spot for Chee Soon Juan so I'm kind of glad that the Singapore Democratic Party is seeing a rejuvenation.

3. Wei Chuen and I attended WP's rally at Serangoon Stadium last night. To say that it was packed would be severely and grossly understating what it was really like. We were both really amused and quite incredulous to see cars blatantly parked on double yellow lines, and even in BUS STOPS. When the rally was over and we were walking back to the HDB estate where we parked, some 15 minutes away from the stadium by foot, we overhead a group of guys behind us commenting on the parking situation. One of them said, "Tonight cannot fine, if not the votes gone liao." Apparently, the traffic police was told not to issue fines last night. Amazing.

3A. The rally was inspiring and perhaps injected false hope into me and boyfriend. It looked like there was no way the Worker's Party would lose Aljunied. Unfortunately, it's entirely possible that a sizeable portion of the crowd was there to soak in the atmosphere and don't actually live in Aljunied GRC, like us. But wow, I honestly can't imagine a freak result of the PAP winning all 87 seats. I don't even want to think about that.

3B. I don't dislike Low Thia Khiang (?) and I really liked his Chinese speech last night, but I'm not gonna lie - he gives off a bit of a power-hungry vibe, a bit thuggish, a bit rough around the edges, A BIT LIKE A CHINESE-EDUCATED VERSION OF LEE KUAN YEW. I can see him locking up political opponents if he were in power. It's an entirely different vibe than the one that I get from Vincent Wijey or Sylvia Lim or Chen Show Mao (he comes across as a gentle benevolent uncle who's very fucking rich and successful), which is why I can't get behind him 100%.

4. This goddamn Xiaxue bitch has started this fucking retarded hashtag trend on Twitter: ridingwiththelightning. Are you fucking kidding me? I'd completely forgotten about her meaningless existence until people started talking about her brainless pro-PAP rhetoric on Twitter. Oh god. If people are actually influenced by her into voting PAP, especially in Aljunied, I'd just like, fucking up and leave this shithole IMMEDIATELY, because it would then show that there's no hope for this country. The fact that she has fans at all says a lot. There was some idiot on Twitter who said that people who are pro-opposition after reading Xiaxue's drivel that she passes off as blog entries are dumb. I replied, "The fact that you read Xiaxue shows that you are dumb. True sign of a PAP voter." Dumb bitch didn't reply. I wish these PAP fans would just bloody respond to me so that I could have some fun.

I would write about the substantial things like the various parties' policies and whatever, but honestly, I don't care what their policies are. It doesn't matter because they won't get to implement shit anyway; they won't be the government of the day. At this juncture, all that I want to see happen is a Parliament that contains more than a measley 2 seats given to opposition members. I like the Worker's Party implicit ambition of taking over the government entirely; I'd vote my heart out for a party that dares to dream big. But as it stands, Singapore is the way it is. To me, the aim is simple: reduce the dominance of the PAP, build up credible opposition parties, level the playing field, and THEN we can talk about what the party has to offer me. What's the point of getting invested in these people and their ideas when they won't get elected anyway, at least in my GRC?

Anyway, those are just rough thoughts that I'm rushing through 'cause I really want to sleep. I'd say "vote wisely", but what I really mean is "vote for the opposition", so there you go. Vote for the Opposition. Reject PAP hegemony. Thank you and good night.