May 8th, 2011

happy girl

So much for all that.

1. General Elections

I knew better than to hope, but a part of me hoped anyway: I hoped that SDP would take Holland-Bukit Timah (not just because of my fangirlism for Vincent Wijeysingha); I hoped that Wong Can't Sing would get his ass kicked in Bishan-Toa Payoh; I hoped that Uncle Goh and Ms Tin Tin would lose to the Nicole Seah Party in Marine Parade. I think I even vaguely hoped that my stupid GRC wouldn't fall to the PAP.

But alas, it is not to be. It's been almost 24 hours since the results were announced and I write this now with a heavy heart. I know that the opposition parties have made significant inroads in this general elections; it definitely says something that the PAP has gotten the lowest percentage of all votes cast since, well, bloody independence in 1965. It also says a lot that the PAP teams garnered less than 60% of the votes in Marine Parade and Bishan Toa-Payoh, among other GRCs.

But. But. But, what is the point of all that when it doesn't actually translate into anything concrete? PAP is dominant once more: 81 seats out of 87. You can say it's better than 85 out of 87, but really? After all that had been said and done about this elections being a watershed election and how I could smell change in the air, in the end, one opposition party only managed to secure 6 seats in Parliament.

Sure, the Worker's Party secured a prized GRC, and no doubt I'm happy about that. But to be honest, I could see Holland-Bukit Timah going SDP's way. I could also see WKS getting his ass kicked out of Bishan-TP by Chiam See Tong. Marine Parade appeared to me to have a 50-50 chance of going to the NSP. At the end of all this, we're still left with an overwhelming PAP majority Parliament and two SMCs that fell to the dark side by 300 votes and 100 votes respectively - and one of them used to be an opposition stronghold.

I'm deeply disappointed. I honestly don't understand why Singaporeans continue to vote certain ministers into power despite their horrendous mistakes (such as letting a terrorist escape and causing massive inconvenience to Singapore-Malaysia commuters at checkpoints for over a year) and obtuse policies (there's nothing else that I can add to the housing/HDB prices issue that hasn't already been said); I honestly don't understand the mentality of Singaporeans who vote for the PAP not out of fear, but out of habitual comfort, I suppose. And it's just sad that people who vote out of fear continue to exist.

Sigh. I feel too sick (physically sick) to continue writing about this. I hope that the Worker's Party manages to accomplish what it set out to accomplish in Parliament.


2. Roger Federer.........................UGH FUCK SHIT

Before the results were announced and when Channel News Later was educating its viewers on what is a GRC and SMC, as if we didn't already know that after our votes had been cast, I watched the semi-final between Roger and Nadal - and I did so, for the first time, with a calm heart because I accepted that Roger would lose.

Then he went to win the first set which ignited hope in me once more.

But so much for that - he went on to lose 1-6 and 3-6.

He had his chances - a break point when Nadal served for the match. He had his chances but he couldn't capitalise. Story of the past two years of his career. I would have taken a straight-sets loss way better than this. I would have taken him losing the first set and winning the second then losing the third way better than this. What happened in the second set? 6-1? He had the momentum going into it and he lost it 6-1?


It's not easy being a Federer fan these days. I still believe that he can win whatever he wants to because his talent is that undeniable. But why doesn't it translate to actual results? I hate seeing such beautiful tennis be on the losing end of a gruelling slugfest on the red dirt.


Admittedly, I really wanted to see Nadal/Djokovic just to see whose streak gets snapped first (Nadal - 37 winning streak on clay; Djokovic - 30-something winning streak from the start of the season till now) and I was quite happy when Djokovic came back from a set and a break down to defeat Belluci. But guess what? Goddamn match is at 12.30 a.m. Earliest I can start watching is whenever the Premier League football match ends because my brother wants to watch it. AND I'm sick, so I'm just about to fall asleep pretty soon.

AND there's an interesting WTA final going on right now but bloody Eurosport is not showing it live, as usual. It's showing the "same-day telecast" at the same time as the men's final.



Tired. Hot. The weather killed me today. Don't think I'm going to work tomorrow.