August 9th, 2011

Captain America sucks.

Wei Chuen and I spent National Day watching Captain America: The First Avenger. It was an utter waste of money. It was so boring that I fell asleep towards the end of the movie, during the dramatically climatic (yeah right) Big Show Down between Captain America and the bad guy. I only woke up when Captain America woke up after his 70-year coma. The last time I fell asleep during a movie was probably George Clooney's Up in the Air, which I watched at 9 p.m. on a Saturday. We watched Captain America at 4 p.m. today.

I normally enjoy brainless Marvel action movies like Thor, which I thought was pretty good. Iron Man 2 was terrible, but compared to Captain America, it was as good as the first Iron Man movie. The biggest problem was the story...oh wait, what story? I don't know why Americans think that non-Americans would give a shit about a "superhero" called Captain America who had nothing special to begin with, and was literally injected with his superhero-ness, and runs around dressed in stars and stripes. I would think this is a feel-good American movie if I were American; but probably because I'm not, or probably because this character is just lame, Captain America is definitely the worst and least memorable superhero that I've watched on screen so far, including Spiderman and Superman (the Brandon Routh version - and THAT was really, really painful).

I should've skipped this and gone for the Avengers movie instead. The best part about the movie was the sneak peak of the Avengers movie that was screened after the credits rolled. But then again, the presence of this Captain America clown in the movie might just spoil it for me. And I just can't understand why they cast Chris Evans, a.k.a. fucking annoying Human Torch in the Fantastic 4 movies, in this role. I think he did what he could with the role, but what he can do is so limited that nothing he did was particularly outstanding. He's going to look ridiculous next to Robert Downey Jr's Tony Stark/Iron Man. Even Chris Hemsworth did way better with his role in Thor than Chris Evans in this movie.

Also, the villain was so utterly non-threatening, I don't know why the American military bothered to take him down. His impact was barely felt. He offed a few people, staked out a few cities on a map, and we're supposed to think he's Super Evil because he thinks he's god? This is a perfect example of all tell and no show - his role as the Big Bad was just utterly unbelievable. I didn't get the fuss. And his army was so lame - it had this awesome weapon that literally decimates an enemy, and yet it was getting picked apart by lame American soldiers with fucking machine guns. Seriously?

I need to erase my memory of this disaster of a superhero movie and watch my Batman Begins DVD or even the first Iron Man movie. What a complete waste of time and money.


Wei Chuen's going to Taipei tomorrow. I am quite sad that I'm not going along. We had a sleepy date and we ate a lot for lunch (at Chilli's) and dinner (at the Peranakan place in Vivo City). I will miss him when he's away.