August 14th, 2011

Roger FO semi finger-wag


Sheer genius from Roger. He doesn't play like this as often anymore - the foot speed, the lightning speed at which he turns defence into attack, the laser-sharp forehand and backhand down the line.

Then again, tennis isn't quite played like this nowadays. And this match is only 5 years old.


On another note, it continues to be unforgivingly humid and hot. What. The. Hell. Is. Wrong. With. The. Weather. In. This. Country.

I woke up at 10 this morning, wanting to watch some of the Djokovic/Tsonga Rogers Cup semi-final that should have been Djokovic/Federer if Roger hadn't gone off the boil in the third set against Tsonga. When I turned on the TV the match was already over. When I checked the score I found out that Tsonga retired 0-3 in the second set after losing the first set 4-6.


He's officially Clownga again.


Wei Chuen has been in Taipei for too long. It's time for him to come back. I miss him.
Roger WTF?

If this is a sincere email...

...then all I can do, really, is to laugh out loud.

From: Monica Wee
To: “”
Cc: “” ; “” ; “”
Sent: Friday, August 5, 2011 6:48 PM
Subject: Fw: A humble and crying citizen requesting help from President Nathan to save our nation

Dear Prime Minister Lee,
It really sadden me that my current President has failed to response to a simple request for help to bind every citizen in Singapore as I’m really concern the nation will be divided on the allegation on Dr Tony Tan regarding his son’s national service dubious track record.
I waited and waited desperately in the last 48 hours for a simple acknowledgement but none came from the President’s office. I’m very sad to experience 1st hand on my president’s callous and indifferent attitude towards a call for help from an ordinary citizen. Do I need to give up hope on my nation’s leaders altogether?
Thank you for your patience and time to look at my plea.
Yours humbly citizen,
Monica Wee

—– Forwarded Message —–
From: Monica Wee
To: “”
Cc: “” ; “” ; “”
Sent: Wednesday, August 3, 2011 9:58 AM
Subject: A humble and crying citizen requesting help from President Nathan to save our nation

Dear President Nathan,
There has been very serious allegation of Dr Tony Tan abusing his former position as Defense Minister to defer his son, Dr Patrick Tan, from National Service for 12 straight years.
Such serious allegation touches the raw nerve and sensitivity of National Service which is considered a sacred cow of our nation-building process. Every Singaporean family, including former Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew and current Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, who has a son is not spared from its obligation to do National Service.
Given that Dr Tony Tan has made public of his intention to stand for President election, I’m very fearful, confused and loss if the allegation is true, we are putting the entire nation at risk by putting someone who would abuse his position for personal gain into the highest office of the country and there will be no more check and balance thereafter.
As parliament only sits in October 2011 which will be too late for any debate on this matter, I do request , as current President in office, that a formal independent inquiry of investigation to be initiated. You would agree that it’s important that the nation must have a morally upright person to be president. Now, that Dr Tony Tan’s moral ground is shaky given such allegation that comes with facts from the internet news, it’s crucial that you, as current president, must take up the responsibility to protect and defend the highest office from any potential abuse.
As a humble and confused Singapore Citizen, I desperately seek help from my current president to clear the allegation of Dr Tony Tan’s name as I do have high regards for him as well. I wish Dr Tony Tan, through such formal investigation, that his name is clear and able to bring the country together as one nation. I cried and feared that our nation will be divided further if such allegation is not clear before the upcoming president election.
Thank you.
Yours sincerely,
Monica Wee


The apparent sincerity of Ms Monica Wee simultaneously impresses and amuses me. On the one hand, I consider the genuine distress felt by citizens like her from a distance and mentally note that I don't know how that feels like; on the other hand, I do that and I'm glad as fuck that I'm not one of these simple-minded fools.

Let's just put aside the horrendous English for a second and consider the substance of the emails. The writer is asking for clarification of an allegation surrounding the presidential candidate because she wants to vote for him so badly that she doesn't think that she can do so in good conscience if this issue were not cleared up.

Is it just me or has the logic disappeared somewhere in that preceding sentence? It's simple, isn't it? If you doubt the person's moral character, don't fucking vote for him.

Furthermore, what did she think writing to the current President and Prime Minister would do? If the allegation were true, did she really think that the powers that be would come out and say so? If so, then the writer is even more simple-minded than previously thought. However, I tend to think that the writer merely wanted a token reply, a generic "Dear Ms Wee, After careful consideration of your email dated [whenever], we are pleased to inform you that the allegation to which you referred is untrue" so that she can vote for the candidate in question in peace.

Then again, if her words were to be taken literally, i.e. she genuinely "cried" at the thought of this allegation pushing voters away from the candidate and thus dividing the nation (again, logic doesn't really exist in this line of thought; and the boot-licking is making me sick), I may be overestimating her grey matter a little by thinking that she is capable of appreciating what a "token gesture" is.

I have half a mind to start on the atrocious English, but this is really quite res ipsa loquitur, is it not?

(The comments are pretty hilarious though.)


For the record, this is the first time I've heard of such a thing. Nevertheless, Ms Wee doesn't have to worry about this NS issue turning voters away from Tony Tan; in the first place, there wasn't a single moment, not even half a split second, when I entertained the thought of voting for him. Since Tan Jee Say has shockingly been given the certificate of eligibility, I no longer need to spoil my vote.


In other news, my stomach is hurting like flying fuck. I think I need to lie down. I don't know what's wrong.