August 24th, 2011

Charah coffee

The Zoo.

Wei Chuen and I went to the zoo on Tuesday.

We reached the zoo at about noon, after which Wei Chuen ate some nasi lemak at the Ah Meng Kopi place outside. It was very humid as it was about to rain; a couple of hours later, it started to rain rather heavily.

We sought shelter at the Ah Meng Restaurant, where I orderd some harkaw. In Wei Chuen's words, it was actually flourkaw. The word "awful" doesn't even do justice to how bloody awful it was. The prawn did not taste like prawn at all. Instead of being crunchy like a normal har in a harkaw is, the prawn was...flaccid, almost tasting like chicken in texture. It was just bad. I really should've ordered something Indian instead.

Anyway, we sat down for the animal show called Rainforest Fights Back or whatever at the amphitheatre. It was the worst animal show ever. There was a badly-acted skit about the stereotypical commercial developer who barges in to some rainforest and declares that he wants to mow everything down and build shopping centres and stuff. I don't even know. I think it's good that the animals mostly waddled onto the stage and climbed down some long vines to the stage, as opposed to performing tricks and shit, which always hints of some sort of possible ill-treatment; but really, the skit was entirely pointless. I mean, I get the point, but if you're going to be half-arsed about it, I'd rather you didn't bother. It was quite embarrassing, really, especially the "tribal warriors" - some Chinese and Indian dudes with no shirt on and holding fake spears and shouting randomly.

The worst part, though, were the obviously-Singaporean actors speaking in some strange accent that was neither American/British nor Singaporean; it wasn't even Singaporean newscaster. It was just fucked up. Fucked. Up. I'm not asking them to speak Singlish on stage, but at least sound...I don't know, natural. Is that a very difficult concept? I hate that we're always bending over for the ang mohs.

My favourite part of the show was the ducks. They were so cute, waddling on stage in a group of about 6 or 7. I love ducks.

My favourite animals in the zoo were the otters. THEY WERE SO ADORABLE. Stunk, of course, but SO CUTE. There was also some small monkeys - cottontop tamarins - there were super adorable as well. A couple of the females just gave birth and they were literally carrying the baby monkeys on their backs as they hopped around. I couldn't get a picture of the baby monkeys at all; they moved so fast. But it was really cute.

Wei Chuen wanted to see the snakes - his favourite part of the zoo, he said - but he didn't want to go by himself, so he didn't in the end. He had to go by himself because I have an irrational fear of snakes; I literally run away at the sight of one. For instance, right outside the entrance to the Australian part were two glass cages. One of them contained some lizards. I went to see what the other one contained, saw a coiled up snake, and ran the hell out of there. We didn't see the kangaroos in the end 'cause I refused to walk past the snake.

Ugh they're just so gross.

We walked around the whole place and ended up at the kiddy corner. We went to watch some kids feed a bunch of goats, big and small. The big goats were all damn mean - they literally pushed past the poor baby goats to get to the food. There was a mother with her kid beside us and she told her kid to feed the poor baby and not feed this big goat that kept bullying the baby goat because the big goat is naughty. Hahahaha.

All in all, it was a fun excursion, though I must say that the zoo needs to stop charging people extra for random things. They charge $5 to feed the manatee, to feed the giraffe, to feed the fucking rhino; $4 to ride on the poor elephants; dunno how much for the photography sessions. The entrance is already $20, without the tram rides and shit. What a money-sucking, opportunistic, typically Singaporean organisation. Have I mentioned that the Taipei zoo's ticket costs only S$4? What a joke.

Lastly, this is quite honestly the cutest video in the history of cute videos:

(PS. Oh yeah I also cut my hair recently - bought a Groupon voucher for cut/wash/treatment at some salon in Far East Plaza. The woman kept asking me to perm my hair, which begged the question: my hair so fucking short perm what? After that she kept asking me to sign some treatment package, which begged the question: I couldn't even get a sense of what the cut looked like as she used a hot iron to curl the ends to give me a sense of what a hypothetical perm would look like, so how was I to know whether I liked the cut? Anyway, I think the haircut is hideous, so no package-signing for me. And I'm not gonna perm my hair until it grows out to boobs-level.)