September 19th, 2011

Jessica and Hoyt

The boy from junior college.

Wei Chuen cut his hair recently for reservist. It's now really short - the mop covering his forehand is gone, the sides are above his ears. The first time I saw him with this new haircut - when he drove over to my house to pick me up - I recognised his car, but did a double-take when I saw the driver. For a split second I genuinely thought that he was someone else.

Tonight, halfway through a very delicious dinner at Omar Shariff, he ran his hands through his hair a couple of times. The result was hilarious - his hair stood up on all ends, almost, as if he'd just rolled out of bed. I took two pictures of him like that. I'm going to look at them and laugh whenever I'm feeling moody. He almost looked like how he looked like in JC...though, to be honest, I barely remember how he looked like back then anymore. I remember laughing at his hair, but I can't visualise what it really looked like, save for this mess of hair that stood, as if gelled, on top of his head.

I prefer him with longer hair, but he looks fantastic to me either way. These few days I'm beginning to miss him in a way that I haven't in a while. Our roles are reversed now: he's perpetually busy while I have nothing to do. I feel what he felt when I was working. I think I feel slightly sad about this because I won't be doing nothing for much longer, most likely; and it would be nice to spend more time together while I'm not constrained to fixed working hours. On the other hand, he is working, so we'll just have to make do with what we have.


Dinner was great. He told me that someone from JC told a mutual friend of ours that I got a teacher transferred out of my class in JC. I honestly don't remember doing anything like that. I mean, there was a particular History teacher that I blatantly gave attitude to because I thought her classes were useless and I had no time for useless classes, and another History teacher did eventually take over, but I don't know, or don't remember, how I was the cause of that.

Then again, there are a lot of things that I don't remember. Even if I do think that I remember them, more likely than not, I'm remembering them wrongly. It's exactly like what Julian Barnes wrote about in his latest novel made of sheer brilliance, and what he wrote about, too, in England, England: the unreliability of memory, the frailty of human remembrance.


I love Wei Chuen for many reasons. One of them is how we're on the same wavelength intellectually. He was talking about some rubbish poetry that he read online (by someone we both know) that contained bad grammar. He tried to give the "writer" the benefit of the doubt and tried to see if it was discernible at all that the bad grammar was deliberate. As he said that I thought, "The writer isn't smart enough for that." Immediately after I thought that he echoed my exact sentiment, albeit not in so many words.

The difference between us is that I tend to be more arrogant about it, or unabashedly arrogant about it, than him. He rolled his eyes when I said that I was very nice in JC, in response to what he told me about that rumour about me getting a teacher transferred out of my class. Like I said in another entry, I can be outwardly nice, but that's just because I don't articulate what I'm really thinking. It's for the greater good, really; someone needs to keep the peace. I don't mind taking on that burden at all.


On another note, I just acquired a new racquet.

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It looks a lot nicer in the picture than in real life. It looks rather dull in real life. I went over to my friend's house to look at it and feel it before deciding to take it; and honestly, I'd already decided on it, and it's hard to change my mind, so I took it anyway, despite thinking that the racquet was slightly heavier than expected.

I wasn't looking to switch brands, but when I perused the racquets that Wilson's offering and didn't see anything that suited what I was looking for (mainly, a heavier racquet with a looser string pattern, with the same head size as my Wilson K Bold - 100 square inches), I started looking at what players that I like are using.

I was instantly attracted to Maria Sharapova's racquet. I could've gone for something in the 280g range in terms of strung weight, but I wanted something a bit heavier than that. I intend to stick with this racquet for a very, very long time, so I didn't want something that was still in-between, a transitional racquet. The pretty Wilson ones that I saw either had a head size that was too small, or was too light. I didn't see any point in going for a 95 square inches racquet when I can't even hit the sweet spot consistently with a 100 square inches one.

Ergo, I decided on Maria's racquet. I'm going to pick it up tomorrow after morning tennis. I can't wait to use it! It's very exciting. I'm a bit sad to part ways with Wilson, but really, the only reason I started with Wilson racquets is because...Roger Federer endorses it. That's all. And honestly, too, the only reason I picked my current racquet is because it looked like Roger's old racquet.

I still think Wilson racquets look better than the other brands. Even this Head racquet that I'm going to use isn't as pretty as my K Bold, or even the new line of BLX racquets from Wilson. Oh well. That's really not super important, as long as the new racquet helps me play better.