September 24th, 2011

Charah coffee


I wore my Maria dress to tennis today. It was only when it was 5 minutes in and I felt the fabric of the dress flapping around my legs that I realised it's too long.

It extends way beyond the tan line on my thighs - this tan line marks the spot where my skirts usually end. I mean, there's nothing really wrong with a longer skirt/dress/whatever, except it's uncomfortable to the point of being very distracting. I don't like wearing skirts that are longer than normal with very heavy fabric; I don't like feeling the fabric on my skin when I play. It's very hot. It's already very hot in the morning, in bloody Singapore; I don't need my clothes to make me feel even hotter than I already do.

I'm going to alter the dress, I think. It looks correct, length-wise, on Maria, because she's bloody tall. I'm a midget compared to her. It should be of that length; this is not a work dress. I'm not going for a formal dinner or work interview. I'm bloody playing tennis. I don't want to wear something that makes me feel uncomfortable.

What's also uncomfortable about the dress is that, as usual, Nike's crappy in-built shelf bra is this flimsy piece of cloth and provides shitty coverage. Unfortunately for me, I'm not exactly well-endowed in the chest department, and therefore can't fill out the chest area. It's flappy and...loose. You can see almost everything if I bend over - which happens quite a lot when I bend down to pick up balls. The size M dress is even worse - there's like nothing in there when I wear it.

I feel like ripping out the shelf bra. I always feel like ripping out the lousy shelf bras of all my online-bought Nike tops (the ones sold in Singapore have way more substantial shelf bras. Unfortunately, Nike Singapore usually carries boring designs and doesn't carry ANY of the awesome Maria Sharapova collection); they're all the same flimsy shit cloth. But the shelf bra is so intricately connected to the rest of the dress/top that I'd risk damaging something forever if I do rip it out. I don't really wanna wear a sports bra underneath it because the shelf bra is tighter than I'd like, and my ribcage is bigger than normal, so it's not exactly comfortable on its own. Adding another elastic layer below would just feel even more uncomfortable and constricting.

On a positive note, I love Nike's combat pro compression shorts. I bought an Adidas one - a tennis-specific one as it comes with ball pockets on the side legs - years ago, probably when I was skinnier, and I wore it recently and couldn't get my mind off how tight and uncomfortable it was and how hot it made me feel when I was playing. I wore the Nike one today and it felt great. I barely felt it there. And I was bloated as hell this morning, suffering a stupid stomach ache which made me more unable to run than usual, and the shorts goes up to my tummy. I didn't feel it at all. I love it. I'm going to buy two more, hopefully one in white.

(Just for the record, though: I love all things Adidas by Stella McCartney...apart from the junk designed for Caroline Wozniacki, that is. I love the outfits that Maria Kirilenko wore before the horrendous decision to sign Wozniacki the fat whale was made. Sorry, but that girl is just frumpy to the max. Sometimes I think I have a girl crush on Kirilenko - she's just so damn pretty.)


It was my second time using my new Head racquet today. When I first used it on Friday, I was in awe of how much natural power the racquet has. Today, though, I found that the ball tended to fly when I hit it a bit harder. Then I found that I was having trouble controlling the damn power.

But there's not much to say about today, really. The damn stomach ache really set me back by a lot. It's the kind of stomach ache that I get every now and then, out of seemingly nowhere, where I'm unable to stand straight. I was playing through that shitty stomach ache today. Yeah, it sucked. I wanted to die. I had to give up after a while; I really couldn't take it. I couldn't bloody concentrate; all I could think about was (apart from the fact that my dress was too bloody long) how painful my stomach was.

Damn you, tummy. Damn you to hell.


Wei Chuen and I went shopping on Thursday. We went to River Island where I bought a top and a skirt. He bought two shirts. One of his shirts cost as much as both my items combined.

Then we went to Ralph Lauren where he proceeded to buy a grey polo t-shirt.

This was after a shopping spree on

I suppose this is why we're together. He's super adorable.