October 1st, 2011

bored kiri

Paypal is pissing me off.

I signed up for my Paypal account ten years ago, around the same time I started using eBay. Back then, I registered with my pinyin name (Z[etc] Ya[etc]) as I don't want people calling me "Ya" because ang mohs don't understand that Chinese names work differently. I thought using my pinyin name would be easier because my name will then be in one word.

I'm expecting to sell something on eBay, after which I'd be paid via Paypal. To transfer funds from Paypal to my bank account, I would need my Paypal name to match my bank account name exactly - which means I have to change it to C[etc] Ya L[etc].

I requested for a name change and cited a typo as my reason. The monkeys at Paypal emailed me to say that they need a photo ID and a credit card statement showing my full name and address. So I emailed them a scanned copy of my IC and also attached a complete credit card statement that I downloaded from OCBC.

Guess what the fucking genius at Paypal emailed back? It's so good that I have to quote it:

Dear [anotherlongshot],

Thank you for contacting PayPal with your concern.

I am so sorry to tell you that the photo ID is not so clear, besides.
your proof of address only shows up your address, there is no name
showed up.

Thank you for being part of the PayPal community. Please let us know if
you need further assistance

PayPal, an eBay Company

Putting aside the terrible, terrible English, even putting aside the unclear photo ID thing (which is bullshit - it clearly states my name. I don't see why they need a clear shot of my face), there is "no name showed up" on my proof of address, i.e. my credit card statement? That's fucking rich. The last I checked, my name is CLEARLY stated on my credit card statement - big fucking duh. The last I checked, banks address their customers' credit card statements to their customers, stating their customers' names fully before the customers' addresses. How the hell would the customer know that it's his statement otherwise?

Is Paypal ran by total idiots? Such a genius idea cannot possibly be run by retards who can't even form a grammatically-correct sentence in English, and who seemingly are without the ability to fucking read. That apparently seems to be the case though, as evidenced by genius Kathy who replied to my request.

I'm so irritated with all these Westerners who obviously has had no contact with any part of the world outside of their own comfort zone, who don't bloody understand how non-Western names work. This first name/last name bullshit doesn't even bloody apply to me. The minute I sign off an email to an ang moh as "Ya L[etc]", they bloody call me "Ya". I can't stand that, so I use my pinyin name so that they won't get it wrong. Can they please get an education or two? Stop being so fucking ignorant, especially people who work in an Internet company used by millions of people world wide and have to deal with people who aren't from the same damn Western background as they are.

Paypal has not replied to my email. I'm not going to re-scan my IC because there's no bloody point. Dearest Genius Kathy didn't even specify what was unclear about my IC. In fact, she didn't even tell me what to do next. FUCKING BRILLIANT CUSTOMER SERVICE.