February 29th, 2012

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Cyberspace noise

While I was bored at work today, I stupidly tried to alleviate my boredom by reading The Online Citizen's Facebook page. What a horrible mistake that turned out to be (yet again). Reading the comments on TOC's post about the Hougang by-election issues positively made my brain bleed. I didn't bother reading everything (my IQ would have dropped a few points) but there was basically a bunch of retarded Singaporeans ganging up on some foreigner who dared to suggest that the PAP isn't as shit as they saying.

I'm no bloody PAP apologist; my stance on my government is pretty clear. But shit, seriously, the more I read such intellectually bankrupt comments, the more I find myself almost feeling sorry for the PAP. They are all just so damn stupid, I'm ashamed to be sharing a country with them.

Long story cut short, I posted this comment:

[Foreigner]: I can't be bothered to read through all the comments (the stupidity is making my brain bleed) but if I were you, I wouldn't bother trying to engage these people in any kind of meaningful discussions. Just a word of advice.

I got these two responses:

[Idiot 1]: [Me]: to be honest .... I was pretty surprised by yr comment. And then I see "lives in sg, from taiwan" ahhhhhh so we un-meaningful people huh. So what's yr great meaning of existence here then? Yr initial drive? MONEY. If u had some sense u wouldn't judge. Stupidity? Do u even know enough before u blabber? It's clear who's the stupid one. U actually believe all that Singapore is one of the best places in the world crap? The quality of life here sucks, if u need to, check up surveys that are done out of Singapore. Unless yr only denominator and purpose of being on earth is money. Then obviously u shouldn't concern yourself with our social issues. What u see are the secondary colours, beautiful. Get access to the primary ones first.

[Idiot 1]: And oh, the reason I was surprised is because the online citizen community of Singaporeans are mostly not as rude + blatantly snobbish as u. If u're so damn good, u would've made it in Taiwan.

[Idiot 2] ‎@[Me], u r lucky that Singaporeans show their angst online unlike your Taiwan MPs in parliament who have no respect towards each other by behaving like animals in a zoo - slapping, punching, biting etc... alamak, set your home straight first b4 doing unto others.

Singaporeans need to speak out so that the govt will listen to the people instead of ignoring - eg. MP pay, FTs FWs, transport?
Do u think our govt will take action to reduce the FTs and FWs like yourself if we did not speak up?

If Singapore your adopted country, show some respect to its citizens; if u r not happy, then u can jolly well crawl back to whichever hole u came from.

Majulah Singapura!

My responses:

[Idiot 1]: I was born in Singapore and I'm Singaporean. This makes the rest of your unintelligent diatribe against me inapplicable. Normally I wouldn't even bother to address something so blatantly thoughtless, but since I am in a charitable mood, let me point out the number of ways your comment pretty much justified what I said to Michal. First, the only reason you are surprised by my comment is because you, and most of the people that comment on TOC's page, are too simple-minded and undiscerning to even consider the possibility that someone might be on the same side as you but have a completely different approach to the issues. To put it clearly so that you can understand me better: ask any of my friends and they will tell you that I am staunchly anti-PAP. I voted opposition during the GE and I voted for Tan Jee Say only because he used to be from SDP. What these facts add up to mean is that I agree with you (oh god it's torture just typing that) in principle on the things that are wrong with this country; but I cannot stand the absolute lack of critical thinking that is on display in the comments here and the blind PAP-bashing that is *almost* making me feel sorry for them. Second, you are unable to hold a meaningful discussion with the likes of Michal and anyone who holds a dissenting viewpoint because you are incapable of critical thinking (which, by the way, entails putting aside your blind PAP hatred to think of the issues rationally) as demonstrated by, inter alia, your comment to me. Third, I am utterly unable to agree with you that the quality of life in Singapore "sucks". Seriously, mate, what the fuck are you smoking? If you think the quality of Singapore is shit, I suggest you get out more and travel the world a bit and get some perspective on what is truly shit. In fact, you can actually get your whiny ass out of this country if you truly believe that your quality of life in Singapore is that terrible. Believe me, my country will be better off without you. Fourth, it's pretty rich you called me rude when 1) you were pretty rude in your comment yourself; and 2) 99% of the comments to Michal were nothing but rude, and that's just an understatement. In regards to your arrogant criticism, however, I fully own up to that because talking to people like you serves only to reinforce my superiority complex. Lastly, for the avoidance of doubt, if I had moved to Taiwan and became a Taiwanese citizen, I am absolutely confident that I would have made it to the top school there, the way I did here. I hope this helps you understand your short-comings and helps you think twice before you accuse someone of stupidity when you are obviously blind to that inherent flaw of yours.

[Idiot 2]: My dear, a word of advice: Do not comment on Taiwanese politics when it's painfully clear that you know nothing about it. In fact, I find it ironic that you seem to be bashing Taiwan when it has what Singapore desperately needs: a genuine democracy. If you are feeling rather confused right now, it's okay. I didn't expect you to understand that either.

Maybe I was bit too arrogant...on second thought, I don't even know why I'm bothering to feel even slightly sheepish at what I said.

A bunch of retarded clowns.