April 5th, 2012

Charah coffee

Bad taste.

Wei Chuen made me listen to Pitbull in his car today. After 10 seconds into the first "song" I felt a burning desire to end myself. He assaulted my good taste with that CD all the way from Paragon to Upper Bukit Timah.

He has the dubious distinction of being the first person I know who owns a dance album. In fact, I didn't know that people actually shell out good money for these things. Since this is the kind of music that clubs play, it's no wonder I haven't bothered going since that time I got drunk like, 4 years ago.

That said, despite his horrendous lapse in judgement when he bought this CD, a lapse to which he sinks every time he listens to it, it was pretty cute listening to him talk about this Pitbull guy and watching him watch my reaction to the "songs".


I bought this dress today:

I've never seen Maria's line sold in the shops here so I had no choice but to buy it.

I wanted to buy some new work clothes and I tried on a bunch at Mango but for some reason they were all damn low cut. I ended up buying another casual dress and some random casual top.

Wei Chuen bought a shirt at Burberry. I really have no words.