October 11th, 2012

Charah coffee

Maybe I should have gone to Berkeley instead.

I just had a really terrible night.

First, I had plans to go to this Chinese students party shit with this Taiwanese guy who lives in my building because I didn't know anyone else who was going. Long story cut short (because a new development just occurred and I'm not so interested in this one right now), we agreed to meet between 10.30 to 11 p.m. and I texted him at 9.30 asking what time we were meeting and called a couple of times when it was past 10 and I didn't get a reply; and at like, 10.45 or something equally ridiculous, he finally responded and said that his ticket was given away because he hadn't yet paid.

I mean, it's obviously not his fault that his ticket was given away, but isn't it common courtesy to inform the person with whom you have plans that you're running late? I was pretty much waiting for like, an hour or so to know what the hell was happening, and I turned down other things because I'd already made plans with him. I could've done those other things instead. I don't really know him that well but he seemed pretty mature for a 20-year-old, but this incident really showed his age.


Moving on to this other matter that I currently find incredibly upsetting: LSE has this 1.5 unit (out of 4) writing limit, i.e. a student can't choose more than 1.5 units of courses that are assessed by written essays or dissertations. Somewhere in the handbook it was stated that permission to breach the limit would be granted in special circumstances but obviously it didn't elaborate on those circumstances. I emailed the person in charge a few hours ago and asked if I could breach it because I really want to do a dissertation for the International Human Rights course, and I just got a reply saying that I couldn't, because my circumstance isn't special enough. (Okay I paraphrase - the reason was that a strong desire to write didn't constitute a special circumstance.)

If I'd chosen to go to Berkeley, I wouldn't even need to do any fucking exams. I was too blinded by the allure of London to really consider this issue. I kind of just hoped that it would somehow happen and now that it's confirmed that it's not going to happen, I'm just so fucking gutted. I don't understand the English fixation with exams and how they apparently believe that examinations are a good way to test someone's knowledge; but putting that aside, I was hoping that the reasonableness of my request - going over the limit by HALF - would be...reasonable.

The person in charge suggested I converted the 50/50 course to 100% dissertation, but guess what that course is? Jurisprudence. The course outline is really weird too; it's not the traditional texts that were done in NUS. There's no Hart or Austin or Dworkin in great detail, but a bunch of German philosophers. Maybe I'd go to class tomorrow and decide that I don't like it. But fuck, I really want to do Jurisprudence. That's the only course that I was really looking forward to. But I can't imagine writing a dissertation on jurisprudence. I have no idea what I'd even write on, and that's just way too academic, no?

On the other hand, it would eliminate the exam portion of the course which really would be a huge relief for me.

Still, I can't help but think: if I'd gone to Berkeley, I wouldn't be facing this right now; and obviously, if I'd gone to Berkeley, I wouldn't be freezing my ass off all the time. Unfortunately, I made my choice and I can't back out now, so I'll just have to make this work somehow.


On another and final note, I cooked aglio olio pasta in my room six hours ago and it STILL smells like food. I already sprayed perfume twice. This is really annoying.