October 25th, 2013

happy girl

I. Cannot. Believe. This.

I've come up with at least 3 different versions of my CV. I have looked at it and edited it at least 20 times since I came back from my road trip and even before that. Every time I send out an application, I make sure to check my CV for grammar/spelling/typing errors before I click 'send'.

Yet, I only just discovered that I have been sending out CVs claiming that I was qualified as an Advocate & Solicitor in fucking May fucking 2009.

Oh my GOD I can't believe how stupid I am. I only discovered this error while I was filling out a job application form and putting in my NUS dates, then the date that I was called to the bar; and then I thought, "Hey, how could I have been qualified in May 2009 if I only graduated in July 2009?"

Please, someone push me into the Thames. I just want to die right now.


London has been uncharacteristically sunny, and unusually so for the end of October, for the past two days. I took advantage of the great weather and played two one-hour tennis sessions. First, I played with Rudy at noon and it went pretty well. I managed to hang with him when he wasn't going for his shots; but when he did go for his shots, I really could not return the ones that he did make (he missed 50% of them; hit them way long. It was funny). I tried to just block the ball back but I couldn't get my racquet on it properly and the ball ended up bouncing off my frame.

At 3pm, I played with a girl from my LL.M. programme. Save for the parts where she first broke her own string, then the string of the tennis coach who was coaching next to us, it was a really good work out. I don't play with women very often: in Singapore, all my tennis friends were men (because I couldn't find women to play with) and in London, it's pretty much the same. When I did go to this women's social tennis thing, I found it incredibly boring because the standard wasn't very high, and while I do have a tennis friend who is female whom I've played with a few times, it's still not quite the same as hitting with a guy who can play decently.

Today, though, it was so good. She used to play seriously as a kid so she has all the proper techniques and can actually hit the ball well. We had some pretty good, long-ish rallies (i.e. the rally didn't die after 3 shots) and she really helped me practise my groundstrokes in a productive way: I had a good, consistent rhythm from the baseline which I think I have sorely lacked ever since A went back to India. I play quite often with this Nepalese man I met at the free tennis court in Old Street when I lived there, but he doesn't have the proper technique and strokes and I've always found it quite hard to get into a good rhythm when I play with him (he always hits these short balls which force me to go forward which, obviously, disrupts my baseline rhythm). With Caitlin, though, it was perfect. It was too bad she broke the coach's string and we had to end it early. But it was lucky that the coach lent her his racquet after she broke her own string; otherwise, we would've had to stop after 10 minutes which would have been horrible.

It'd be interesting to play a match with her. She has a better serve than me and she's much better at the net than I am, so I'll need to hit really aggressive and flat shots from the baseline...and of course, be consistent.

My volley skills have really deteriorated since I came to London. I'm quite unable to put away a ball at the net; I'm lucky if I can hit the ball on the strings and get it in. I should probably practise it more. I really hate being forced to go to the net though; I have zero confidence at the net and I'm way more comfortable at the baseline.

My Tuesday match was really a wasted opportunity. I should have at least taken it to a decider but I just lost it at 3-3 (we played short format; first to 4 games wins), after breaking back the game before to even it. I felt mildly confident that I could hold serve but alas. I think, from now on, I will always go for my returns unless I'm having a really bad day on that front. I just cannot afford to be drawn into some protracted rally because I will either 1) be drawn to the net and then get passed; or 2) make some stupid error that I don't normally make. In the game that I broke back, I made some pretty solid unreturnable returns. I need to figure out a way to make my opponent play my game and not the other way around. And of course, my perennial weakness: short balls. I need to stop giving up on those.

All right I'm going to bed. I keep getting bitten by some stupid insect in my flat. I don't even know where it comes from. It's annoying.