April 4th, 2014

happy girl

I'm already kind of bored.

I started preparing for the QLTS today and I was bored out of my skull reading about the English legal system.

I was bored out of my skull again when I set off for the city centre a bit too early (didn't realise that the cafe I was in was only 10 minutes' walking distance from the city centre) and ran out of things to do after I was done with all my errands, and so I sat down in Marks & Spencer with a cookie and continued reading about predecents and statutory interpretation. At half six, the city centre was almost like a ghost town - on a fucking Friday evening.

I tried on a cute tank top at Zara which I really liked, but which I decided not to buy because there were tiny defects on it, so I came back and tried to look for it online. Alas, it's not listed on Zara website. I thought maybe I could get it in another branch...and found out that there is a grand total of ONE fucking Zara store in the entire city of The Hague.

I was in a media shop trying to buy a cheap phone that isn't SIM-locked (what's this stupid SIM lock business?) and couldn't understand anything because everything is written in Dutch, and Dutch words do not look like English words at all, so I couldn't even begin to guess at their meaning. At the supermarket, I struggled to buy fabric conditioner - same problem, different product. In the end, I took something that looked like what I was using in London - fingers crossed that I got it right because I told the cashier that I didn't want a receipt.

I'm gonna try to register my bonus card for the supermarket now. It will be definitely challenging to try to make out what the Dutch words mean.

Ugh. I'm never living in another non-English speaking country again.