July 1st, 2014

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There is a sandwich place near Wouter's apartment that serves sandwiches that I think about when I'm really hungry and for which I crave in those moments of near-abject hunger. He goes there quite frequently, about three times a week. Last night over dinner, he told me that the sandwich he was accustomed to getting from that shop had steadily dropped in quality. I took that as my cue to complain about this blond girl who was at the counter the last time we were there, who pissed me off because I stood at the counter for ages just wanting to ask for some water; but when Wouter sauntered to the counter, she immediately gave him her attention. He pointed out that he went there regularly, though of course at the precise moment in which the girl annoyed me, all I could think about was the fact that yes, my boyfriend is hot, but at least try to make it less obvious that you're not at all immune to his charming smile. Anyway.

He told me that another woman once asked him why he always had his food to go. Somehow, it reminded me of our fifth (I think it was) date in Amsterdam on a Saturday, basking in the glorious pre-summer weather, when we had lunch at a sunny alfresco place near his flat, and he told me that a girl from that sandwich place asked him for his number hours before he met me that day. I asked if that woman was the girl who pissed me off. Thankfully it wasn't.

The point of this entry, though, is this: I said, 'Well, if I worked there and you came in once every 3 days, I would totally ask you for your number.'

I thought it was a pretty good line. But he bested me by saying, 'If you worked there, I would be there every day, and I would even sit in and work there.'

What a guy.


He spent the night in The Hague and walked me to work this morning. I wish every day could be like this: hand in hand with the man that I'm madly in love with, taking in the fresh air, and him kissing me goodbye a few steps away from the entrance to the Tribunal. Amazing stuff.

I've more or less decided to go to Amsterdam this Saturday despite the fact that the QLTS is next Thursday. Reason? The football. I didn't go to Amsterdam on Sunday for the Holland/Mexico game and I felt really sad that I wasn't with him. Watching it on a laggy stream and having noisy neighbours spoil the results for me (I heard people screaming 30 seconds before I saw Dutch goals on my computer) convinced me that I really wanted to be with him the next time. Luckily for me, the next Dutch match is at 10pm on Saturday, which means I'm gonna spend the whle day studying before rewarding myself with a trip to Amsterdam to be with my amazing boyfriend.

Best plan ever? I think so too.