October 20th, 2014

happy girl


We're lying on the single mattress in his friend's apartment. The door is partly open to let in the air-conditioning. He's on my right, looking slightly uncomfortable on his side while I take up most of the mattress lying on my back.

He points at my star fish pendant from Tiffany & Co and says, 'Are you my sea star?'

I say, 'What's a sea star? Star fish?'

He laughs, slightly sheepish, and says, 'Yeah...it's a direct translation from Dutch. I guess that makes you my star in the sea?'

'I'm just one star?'

His response is automatic, immediate. He looks at me, his face inches from mine, his eyes serious, and says, 'You're my brightest star.'


Yes, Wouter is in Singapore. This country feels so much lighter, breezier, with him in it. He's met my parents and it went well; it's still going well. He's met some of my friends and of course that all went well too.

I love this guy. He's the sweetest thing in the whole world.