July 21st, 2015

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Tennis on Sunday

I played a set with Roy, a tennis friend I made from a tennis group on Facebook. I think he noticed during the warm-up that I responded poorly to backhand slices; during the set, he threw in these backhand slices, almost at random, and it threw me off my game and forced me into errors.

My serve is a level 0.5 serve (5 being the best). Joe said the other day that if he'd only seen my serve, he'd think that I was a complete beginner. What a joke!

Anyway, I lost 6-1, but I thought I didn't play that badly, so I wasn't too upset with myself. There was a long rally where I tried to put the ball away, just to be drawn to the net by a short ball and I lost the point because I was too short and lousy for an overhead, and too slow to chase down the lob. Also, I hit a few wicked backhand inside-in return winners - my favourite shot!

It was fun despite the loss. My serve seriously needs some sorting out though.


I almost don't want to open the app to check for replies to messages because every time I open it, I have to look at a picture of an unattractive random person. What is it about Singapore such that most of the locals are completely unattractive, which was always to be expected, and even the foreigners are completely unexciting? I've matched with almost all the men I swiped right on, probably a grand total of 15, and the cutest of the lot would probably be middle-of-the-pack amongst the pool of hotties in the Netherlands.

Honestly, I don't get excited by these things anymore. By 'these things' I mean texting a good-looking guy. One of the better looking matches turned out to have really, really bad English. He sid he's from Spain, but he also said that he has a PhD in Biology and he's working in A*STAR...how could he have written sentences like "But are you will work in sg" and "But you want meet before you went"? (I deflected that by saying let's chat more and we will see, and then I stopped replying).

The more interesting conversations are with the slightly less good-looking guys, but the messages tend to be quite long and I don't think Tinder is the proper platform to discuss one's preference for Monet over Renoir, or the works of Kant, Hegel, Foucault, and Dworkin...one guy seems to have stopped replying to my massively long messages on the aforementioned topics. But hey, he asked!

Anyway, after reading horror stories online about guys being creepy on Tinder, I'm quite glad to say that I haven't yet received "wanna fuck?" type of messages. Men in Singapore, regardless of nationality, seem to be more respectful; or maybe it's simply a reflection of the relative maturity of the men in my age group. (I am getting so good at these euphemisms!)

Julian Barnes's "Keeping an Eye Open: Essays on Art"

I don't know how I never noticed the paintings that Mr Barnes writes about in his essays. The ones by Fantan-Latour of a group of famous French artists and writers and composers, for example; or paintings by Manet. I probably saw them, but I guess I wasn't quite taken by them.

When I visted the Musee d'Orsay last year, my interest in art was still in its infancy and my knowledge of it was limited to the famous Impressionists: Monet, Renoir, Degas, and Cezanne to a lesser extent. When I walked through the galleries, I was inexplicably drawn to the works of Alfred Sisley. Something about his quietly beautiful landscape paintings spoke to me.

If I were to go back now, I would view the paintings from a different perspective. I would look out for the famous works of other famous painters. This Julian Barnes collection of essays on art has ignited a dormant interest that I have in art...I'm so pleased that I'm going to Cambridge. I'm definitely going to visit the National Gallery and look properly at the paintings for once.
happy girl

What is a tourist visa?!

What the fuck, I need to apply for a tourist visa to visit Myanmar?!?!?!?!?

So much for ASEAN Integration.

I apparently have to be at the Embassy at 8 in the morning. This is such a pain in the ass. Thank goodness Singaporean Mark asked if I needed a visa to travel to Myanmar; otherwise, I would've flown there and be stuck at the airport! I'm just so used to be able to go virtually anywhere in the world that I want on my Singaporean passport that I don't even think about things like applying for a tourist visa for a short weekend trip.

The websites says that the embassy takes one working day to process the visa. I hope it is correct. I am flying on Friday. This is no joking matter. They'd better get it done ASAP!

Now, all I need to do is to hunt down two passport sized photos of myself. ARGH.