November 14th, 2015

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I am having some trouble writing this entry. I'm having trouble starting it in a manner that doesn't make my skin crawl and that doesn't bore me to tears. I tried to go about this in a round-about manner but it felt artificial; I tried to go about this straightforwardly but I felt the need to explain a bunch of details that I'm not presently interested in writing about.

Here's the thing, then. Last night was really nice. I spent a lot of time with Dominic; in fact, I spent pretty much the entire time with Dominic, from pre-drinks to formal hall and post-drinks and a trip to the Clare College MCR bar and sitting around our own MCR room and then standing around my kitchen, talking. I wore the black dress that I wore to the LLM dinner at the LSE, which was amongst the boxes of clothes that Wouter shipped to me from Amsterdam. It's above the knees, sleeveless, crossed in the back. I wore only my gown over it because I was just vain and silly like that. When a couple of people wanted to go to Clare College after hanging around the college bar for a bit, Dominic lent me his coat.

We lagged behind the rest of the people on the way there. He told me some ridiculous story about some ridiculous person who wanted to stop feeling the cold and I was laughing the entire time. When we were almost at Clare and had kind of caught up with the other Magdalene people, Dominic suddenly said, 'Oh look, it's your good friend.'

It was that disgusting human being. He was with some unknowns that he tricked into being his friends. They were walking in our direction, and when he saw Dominic, he went up to him and said, 'Hi Rafael.'

Rafael is another Magdalene PhD student, who looks nothing like Dominic, who isn't even German. Dominic immediately replied, 'It's Dominic.'

I just started laughing so hard as I walked away, as did Rebecca and the other people. Later, when they'd finished making utterly useless small talk, Dominic asked if he came across as rude. I didn't understand why he'd even care if he was rude to someone who didn't even remember his name (and who claimed to know everyone in the college...what a clown) but in any event, he was not rude at all. I would've told him to fuck off but that's just me.

Dominic bought me a whisky at Clare. He ordered two different types and let me choose the one that I preferred. I didn't like either one and so I picked the lesser of the two evils. It left a burning sensation in my insides which I described as unpleasant, but which Dominic said was pleasant. I would say that he talked me into the whisky, which was not untrue, but the choice was between beer and whisky, so I picked the latter.

The MCR bar at Clare was so much more happening than the Magdalene bar. There was actually music and a few people were dancing. It was actually quite nice, and so it was a shame that they closed before midnight.

There was apparently nowhere to go at midnight on a Friday in Cambridge that didn't require clubbing with undergrads, and so we went back to the MCR. I sat down with my back to the window and Dominic sat down next to me. After a while, we were the only ones left in the room. I don't remember what we talked about; I only remember laughing a lot. Some time later, a bunch of people came in, and he decided it was time to go.

He walked me back to the house. This time, I asked if he wanted to come in for some water. We stood around the kitchen, talking; he said it was very Asian of me to boil my water before drinking it. He showed me the wallpaper on his phone; it's a picture he took of his parents.

He left at about 2am. I walked him to the front door. This time, instead of an awkward goodbye where we kind of half-wave and say good night, he put an arm around me and kissed me on the cheek. That was pleasantly surprising.

I've spent way too much time writing this. I seriously need to do some work. I am staying in my room the whole day today. The weather is muggy as hell and I am absolutely not in the mood to walk to the law faculty in this shit weather! I attempted to play tennis in the morning but it was awful; it was way too cold and my doubles skills still suck.

Before I forget: the food at formal hall was pretty meh. I was really disappointed that I didn't get fish on top of the vegetarian meal like I did last week, or whenever it was that I was last at formal (two weeks ago). Dominic changed his diet preference to 'vegetarian (eats fish)' with the hope that he'd get fish like I did the last time, but alas. It was funny, though, that he got a special vegetarian starter and I got the yummier scallops! I had to wait a while for mine, for some weird reason, and I was so pleased when they finally served me my starter and it was the scallops. The look on Dominic's face was priceless. He grumbled, 'You always get the better stuff!'

That I do, yes.

On that note - I have to work.