July 14th, 2016

kiri win

The Big Three O

I had a low-key birthday spent with my parents. Considering the fact that my preferred way of permanently leaving my 20s behind was to sleep through the whole damn day, the activities in which I partook today were exciting and life-changing.

Of course, they weren't. I mean, I started the day at the dentist, sitting through a harrowing teeth-scaling experience. My increased consumption of red wine over the past few months, due entirely to my disdain for beer which meant that I had to order the house red whenever I met Dominic in a pub, led to a corresponding increase of the stains on my teeth - most notably, my front tooth. When the dentist put the drill thingy to work on the surface of my front tooth, my skin nearly crawled off my flesh. Thinking about it - the sharp sensation, the high-pitched sound of the pointed tip of the drill thingy against the surface of the tooth - creeps me out. It also hurt quite a bit when my wisdom teeth were cleaned. The dentist was quite amused when I made a face to his suggestion that the pain that I sometimes feel at the back of my mouth could be a decay in my wisdom tooth.

After this, I had lunch with my mom at Rakuichi, which is delicious as always. The dearth of Japanese food in Cambridge - proper Japanese food - means that I'd missed Japanese food quite a bit. I really liked the wakame soba; the noodles was tangy and the soup delicious. I wasted time post-lunch at the Apple service centre attempting to repair my iPod, just to be told that Apple Singapore doesn't repair broken LED screens for iPods. It is quite silly to have to buy a new one considering it still plays music; it's just that the screen has gone white and I can't select anything. Apple sucks.

Dinner was home-made nasi lemak. My mom is amazing. She also ordered my favourite Lana cake for me, which is life-changing. I tried to read up for my PhD but was not very motivated today. Tomorrow shall be better.

Yesterday, I had dinner and drinks with Mag and Ven at Pasta Brava and then at an awesome cocktail bar called Jekyll and Hyde. They paid for everything. I have such generous friends. The bartender made us drinks off the menu; we had two each, shared one, and he came out with a complimentary one just before we left because it was almost my birthday. This guy really knew how to keep customers coming back! I really liked that my second drink, which was a mix of stuff (I forgot what) with sherry and milk, came in a cow! Mag's second drink, which was a Nutella-based one, came in a milk bucket with a rubber duck on top! This made us so happy. Ven's second drink (something with whiskey) came with a half-naked man hanging off the edge of the glass. So creative!

Bars like that make me wish that Cambridge could be a bit more happening. Alas, it is what it is.

So I am 30. Older, but not really none the wiser. On the bright side, I have not contacted G! I guess that makes me a bit wiser?

I am not in an introspective mood, and this entry sucks, and I am distracted by some Facebook conversations, so I will just post this now.