March 15th, 2017

kiri win

French Exam, Etc.

My French exam was relatively okay. As expected, I messed up the listening. I couldn't understand what was said towards the end; basically, I couldn't understand everything. I guess my binge-listening to all the audio clips that have been made available since the start of the course last October wasn't very helpful.

I would be surprised if I didn't get full marks for the reading part, as that was pretty easy. The writing was also quite straightforward, but I am unsure of the correct form of 'triste' (sad)...oh wait, I just looked it up and it seems that I got it right. So yeah, the writing was fine, though I might've made some silly grammatical mistake.

As for the oral presentation, I volunteered to go first because I wanted to get it over with. I tripped over 'ils n'aime pas la natation', it being a last-minute (i.e. the morning of the exam) addition to the script. I had a list of things to say in English and referred to that while saying those things in French, and also had the rough script that I wrote out in French, though I didn't refer to it. I was too nervous to focus on pronouncing the 'r' words properly, and I realised yesterday that it made no sense to say 'mon anniversaire c'est le quartoze juillet 1986' because mon anniversaire c'est every single year, no? Oh well.

People thought it was funny when I said 'j'adore Roger Federer' and 'je déteste les carottes'. We had to put up a picture of our family on the screen, and I thought of also putting up my picture with Roger, but I was too lazy to do so in the end. I wish I had; that would've been cool!

I'm quite sad that French is over. It was really fun. I decided not to do the next level over Easter as it's twice a week and I won't be able to attend some of the classes, so I'll have to wait till October to take the next level. I hope I don't forget everything that I've learned between now and then.


I went to get coffee in the morning so as to help myself do more last-minute cramming, and complained to Matt that I was stressed over the exam. Later in the day, at about 6pm, he texted me to ask how it went. Awww.

I have been so busy drowning in preparing for French exam, trying to polish and finish my 377A paper (which has to be done latest by Friday, but I want to finish it by Thursday), and fretting about copy-editing an article for the journal that's due today that I haven't had time to set up anything with him. But I will, sooner rather than later.

He's also really not much of a texter at all. I think I have finally met someone who texts worse than I do.


I also had dinner with Josh on Monday after we attended the last legal theory discussion group (interesting paper on textualism; I actually felt like I learned something). We went to an Indian restaurant. He quizzed me on the history of Singapore's independence and separation from Malaysia. Is it embarrassing that all I could say about why we (rightly) split from Malaysia is that Singapore wanted racial equality but Malaysia wanted preferential treatment for Malays? But then again, isn't this the most basic foundational principle of Singapore's existence? So even if it is a bit of a fiction (in the sense that of course there was more going on than this), it is an extremely helpful one; I think it goes to the root of the Singaporean identity.

He also quizzed me on my pre-PhD life. It was embarrassing (but not surprising) that I couldn't remember exactly what the legal issue was in the Court of Appeal case that I did when I was at A&G. Ha!


OK, the weather is brilliant right now, with no wind, so I'm gonna go out for a run. Yay! My legs will likely ache like crazy again, but that's totally fine.


Post-run edit:

Oh my god. I feel like shit right now. The outer part of my upper right thigh is in pain. My legs feel like jelly. Even my arms feel weak. The most annoying part is that I didn't track my run on my iPod Nike thingy, so I don't even know how long I ran for, what my pace was.

But I'm pretty confident that I bested my last outing, at least in terms of distance, for the simple reason that I ran further than I did the last time, though it would be nice to know if I was faster or slower.

Despite all that, despite feeling like shit, it also feels so good. There is something perversely invigorating about abusing my body and pushing it to what I perceive to be my limits, but which turn out not to be. Although I know that I'm going to suffer tomorrow and possibly for the next few days, it's of no matter because it's worth it.