April 6th, 2017

kiri win

Running and Food <3

My day has gone off to a great start. Despite getting out of bed an hour and a half later than I had originally intended, I went for a great run at 11am and unwittingly clocked my personal best stats: 34 minutes and 40 seconds; pace of 6'02/km; 5.74km covered; and burned 311 calories.

How incredible is my pace? Seriously, 6'02/km is pretty incredible - precisely because I wasn't even trying. So thank you, Wind, for not blowing about too strongly today, thereby spurring me to go for a run after breakfast instead of going to the boring gym. There was a point in time when I'd wanted to get my pace below 6, but I chucked that aside because it was winter and cold, and I went back to Singapore and forgot my running shoes, and most importantly, I was lazy. But now that the weather is getting better, as is my stamina, maybe I can try and achieve that over the next weeks.

The second reason my day has gone off to a great start is because I made a new pasta sauce and it's fucking delicious: red pepper and tomato sauce. I simmered one diced red pepper, two diced tomatoes in a pot, freaked out when I saw that most of the water had dried up, then chucked everything, along with one garlic clove, some dried basil (don't have fresh ones on hand) and some olive oil, into my trusty Nutribullet and blended the shit out of the mixture. I cooked some mushrooms in the pot, then dumped my cooked pasta (a mix of spaghetti and penne; haven't had time to go to M&S to buy a new packet of spaghetti, and I had two pieces left which isn't enough for a meal, so I mixed some penne with it) back into the pot with the mushrooms, then poured the blended red pepper and tomato sauce into the pot, then mixed everything together, and poured it all out on the plate. Now I am enjoying a delicious lunch which is healthy, insanely easy to make, and which is making me very happy. Yay.

My Nutribullet is really the best thing that I've bought since moving to Cambridge. Not only can I blend smoothies really easily, I can also make pasta sauces, which is great. Making pesto is a bit of a pain because the sauce is too dry and it works better with a certain amount of liquid, but it still works - and homemade pesto is so much tastier than store-bought ones. Apart from that, though, everything else is great. I've made this vegan tomato cream sauce with cashew nuts, tomatoes, some garlic and water, and it's delicious too.

In case it's not obvious by now, I really like food. I love eating. I spend a lot of time cooking - too much time, some might say. But it's such an important part of my day; indeed, it's such an important part of life. I am really conscious about what goes into my food, and so cooking gives me complete control over it. I don't buy pasta sauces and I check the ingredients of the sauces that I do buy, i.e. soy sauce, to make sure that there are no weird flavourings or some weird chemical binding agent or whatever. I don't even buy tinned tomatoes for tomato-based pasta sauces.

At the same time, I am incredibly lazy, so all my dishes can be made in one pan and they usually take 30 minutes at the most. Also, they require a minimal amount of ingredients. So I'm not some amazing gourmet cook, but I know what I like, I know that I'm a control freak about what goes into my food, and so I cook even thoguh it takes up a lot of time, time that I could spend on my PhD. But it's worth it. I have said this before: my body is my temple. It is important that I take care of it.

On that note, I really need to do a blood test to make sure that I'm not suffering from any vitamin deficiency (though I am iron deficient). I think it's even more imperative now that I don't eat fish anymore and hardly take any dairy, save for cheese once every few days and my daily flat white from Fitzbillies. I just keep forgetting to make an appointment though. And I really hope it's covered by the bloody NHS.