July 26th, 2017

Charah coffee

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I am so tired, and a proper entry (or several proper entries) is long overdue; but I am so tired, for it is quite stressful and exhausting to take care of the parents and to keep them company. I have been waking up earlier than I usually do because of them, and I caught a bit of a cold in Edinburgh because Scottish weather, so...I'm not feeling great.

Ergo, I just want to mention this quite quickly because I found it quite incredible. We went to London today (yesterday) and had dinner at the Breakfast Club. The food was really disappointing. But what was pleasantly surprising was a mutual recognition between me and one of the waiters there. I thought this guy looked really familiar when we entered and he sat us at a table. Then I realised, Oh my god, he used to work in the Old Street branch when I lived in London four years ago.

I thought of asking him whether he was who I thought he was, but I didn't get the chance to. When he came over to take our order, he looked at me and said, 'You've been here before.'

WOW. I didn't even go to the Breakfast Club that much back then, and definitely not even 1% as often as I go to Fitzbillies now. I think I saw him maybe 4 or 5 times in total. It makes sense for me to remember his face, given that I thought he was cute at the time; I even remember this totally random and inconsequential 'conversation' I had with him when I went there before or after tennis and had my racquet and he made some random small talk about it. But he sees so many customers day in, day out, over so many years, spanning so many months, weeks, days; and it'd been 4 years since I lived in London. So I was very impressed with his excellent memory.

I said, 'Yeah, you used to work in Old Street.' Then he said he'd been working in Soho for two years and that he's leaving for Amsterdam on the first of August or something like that. I wanted to tell him later that he has a really good memory, but I didn't get the chance to do so. It didn't matter anyway; nonetheless, I was just taken aback and pleasantly surprised that he recognised me.

The other guy working there came to settle the bill. My parents had stepped out, so this guy talked to me for a bit. 'It's just you and me now, darling,' he said.

I would have thought he was flirting with me if he hadn't been quite gay. But it was cute anyway.

The point of mentioning this is that when I told him that I was coming back to Cambridge (he asked me what I was doing later that night), he said that he was from Cambridge, or Suffolk somewhere, and his parents still live in the outskirts of Cambridge somewhere. His accent sounded quite similar to Matt's. The other guy, the ex-Old Street guy, is from London and had a considerably rougher accent.

This is completely unrelated to everything that I have written so far, and I wasn't even going to mention this, but: I really like Matt's accent. I like the way he switches between a more standard accent for work and goes back to his comfortable, slightly rougher accent when he's off work. And of course, it's English, which means it's pretty by default (unless we're talking Northern English accent; then it's a different story). I like the way he says 'yeah'. There is another word that I like hearing in his accent but I can't presently remember what it is.

I also like his voice. And I think one reason I find him attractive is that he has dark hair, brown eyes; not very typically English at all. For me, the typical English look is kind of pale, almost translucent skin, light-coloured hair that looks like it has been bleached of colour, flat, non-descript features, a doughy face... On the other hand, I like dark-haired men. That was one of the first few things that I noticed about him anyway.

But anyway. He made me coffee in the morning and I was so pleased to finally drink proper coffee. I don't know what it is, whether it's just in my head, but I don't think it is; but I don't seem to be able to appreciate coffee outside of FB anymore. Even the specialty cafes that I went to in Amsterdam couldn't remotely compare to the coffee that Matt makes. Of course, I think the beans that they use makes a huge difference; even when someone other than him makes my coffee, there's a certain strength to the coffee that must come only from the beans. But still, there's a distinct difference in taste when he's the one that makes my coffee. I didn't even really like my flat white from Flat White in Soho; after enjoying the sourness of the coffee, the complete absence of any after taste started to bug. Matt's coffee is fragrant, full-bodied, strong, the sweetness of the milk blending perfectly with the coffee.

I'm doing a terrible job describing it, for I am tired. But I wasn't even going to talk about coffee. The only point that I wanted to make was that he's ruined coffee everywhere else for me by being so damn good at his job: I haven't liked anything that isn't from FB for a very long time.

The other point is that he's going away for a few days, which will save me some money as I don't wanna go to FB if he's not working (well, that's what I say now; wait till I actually have to go to the library to work on PhD and see how I deal with a break in my routine). But well. That's inconvenient for my wanting to see him, is it not? But yeah. I still don't know what's going on between us. We've been texting almost every day since my birthday, though we both tend to take ages to reply. These past couple of days, though, he's been responding faster; we were even online at the same time the day that I went to Loch Ness and sent him a photo of 'Nessie' (basically a decal thing on the window of a cruise ship in the shape of the purported Nessie and I took a picture of the decal while we were on the loch). I suppose that's an improvement?

Anyway. I really just wanted to take note of the Breakfast Club guy who recognised me after four years, but I don't ever stick to plans, do I? I am so tired. I'm going to stop typing now.