anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

Class A weirdo

From: Kelly A** R**

Hello how you doing today.Am Mr Kelly R****** saw your picture and i got interested in knowing you single have a daughter she is 18yrs old.Am an engineer by profession from Dublin Ireland Currently am in (Asia) Malaysia where am handling a building can send me a friend request.Love to get close to you with good communication. My email address is ****** i can send you messages to your email even while am not here cos of my profession am always busy.we can even chat on are so beautiful .will be my pleasure to have your email address.wishing you a very happy new year.sending you lots of love and send me a response.Remember it al start with a compliment, getting to know u

From: Me

Are you a troll?

From: Kelly A** R**

how u doing?hope al is fine with you.
Tags: weird people

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