May 31st, 2019

Charah coffee

Writing Challenge

I signed up for this challenge last month, thinking that I would be done with my thesis by the time the challenge starts...well, I was wrong; still plugging away at the blasted thesis, wanting to stab my eyes out at Chapter 5 which I hate almost as much as Chapter 1 (because they talk about actual things that happened in real life, none of the imaginary theoretical arguments of the middle three chapters), and now I am realising that I will receive the first brief tonight at 10pm, and I am actually kind of scared.

On the one hand, wouldn't it great to write a new piece of prose every day?

On the other hand, when the hell am I going to find the time to do it? My day goes like this: wake up sometime between 8.30 and 9.30, depending on my mood; breakfast and continue with the fanfic that I'm writing for about an hour; either tennis or run for an hour or less, depending on the activity; shower, sometimes cook, etc, and leave the house at around 1, depending on the day; 30 minutes on the tube to the library; half an hour to forty minutes of writing the fanfic in the British Library while having coffee (because I can't drink in the Reading Rooms); three to four hours straight in the Reading Room (Rare Books and Music), ploughing through the thesis; then 30 minutes on the tube back to the house, where I watch an episode of Daredevil while having dinner; then 15 minutes of sitting around doing nothing, followed by 30 minutes of shower; half an hour on the phone with E; and when it's about 10.30, 10.45, back to writing the fanfic until I get tired. These days, it's around 11.30. Before, it's around midnight to 12.30. And then I go to bed.

My days are like clockwork now and it's boring, and so in a way, it's nice to break up the monotony...but wow. It's going to be extremely challenging. My hope is that, throughout the next month, I will come up with a few things that will be halfway decent and usable. Perhaps some of the briefs would allow me to develop part of the original novel that I've written mostly in my head so far. We will see.

Daunting, but exciting.

And other stuff...well, don't have time to write about them right now, don't quite feel like it either.