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Best flight experience EVER.

I had the best flight ever. SQ business class is famazing. The seat, so wide - so much leg room (I could stretch my legs all the way), a handy foot rest in front of the seat upon which I could plop my legs whichever way I wanted, there was so much space that I could stand up anytime and stretch. Even though there was someone next to me (I chose an aisle seat cos I didn't know that window seats are one-seaters. I'm a business class noob) it was like I was by myself. Instead of crappy headsets with DIY stick-on foam coverings, I had a fucking headset that blocked out external noise; even when there was a baby wailing away, once I put on those amazing headphones I could barely hear it. The food, too, was amazing - my Indian vegetarian lunch actually tasted like food that you may get at a restaurant, not something that tastes like it was mixed with dog food. Since I'm not an alcohol drinker, and it wasn't a night flight, I spent my flight taking in copious amounts of caffeine - 3 lattes (not too bad) and Breakfast Earl Grey from TWG. The TV screen, too, was big enough for me to properly enjoy a movie like "Drive".

I am not looking forward to going back to Peasant Class when the day comes for me to leave Melbourne. All of a sudden I really wish I'd been born rich, or that I were rich, so that I could fly Business all the time. It's amazing. It was so amazing that I didn't want the plane to reach Melbourne at all.

Of course, I'd be crazy to say that it was worth SGD1,400; it really, really, really wasn't worth so much. But since the money has been paid, I might as well just enjoy the experience. My mom totally didn't understand this concept; she was still having a go at me this morning on the way to the airport, feeling aggrieved, for some reason unknown to me, that I wasted my own money.

I don't get it either. Oh well.

Funny story - my car broke down half way to the airport. It literally could not accelerate and go past, say, 50 km/h without producing some strange sound. In the end my mom pulled over at the side of the expressway, the road shoulder, and called my aunt to come over and give me a ride.

It's always useful to know people that stay in all parts of the country.


I'm typing this from my "budget hotel" in South Yarra, Hotel Claremont. It's supposed to be a Victorian guesthouse. Er, okay. I can't even say if it looks Victorian from the outside 'cause by the time I got here it was too dark to see anything.

I put budget hotel in inverted commas because I paid SGD107 for this room. Okay, so it's a twin sharing and it should be SGD50 for one person, but I definitely wasn't going to get a single bed room and share the fucking bathroom with strangers. I contemplated that for about 10 seconds and texted Wei Chuen, and when he said "Lol don't bother" that pretty much made up my mind. The last time I had to share a bathroom with strangers - when I stayed in a YHA hostel in London in 2008 - I vowed that I would never do it again, especially if the country I'm in is an ang moh country.

Anyway, I don't really care about that so let's move on. The room is quite basic but not too bad. The toilet is clean. No slippers but that's expected. It's also just for one night so I'm not too fussed. I'm just wondering how bad my hair is going to look tomorrow after I wash it and am unable to blow-dry it. I hope they'd give me hair-dryer when I call reception to ask for one tomorrow.

After dumping my bags (I have two bags) in the room I went out to search for some food. I came back pretty quickly because 1) it was fucking freezing; 2) it was fucking dark; 3) it looked like only 7-11, some random convenience store and Subway were open; and 4) did I mention it was fucking freezing? It's so cold here at night, it feels like winter. It's about 13 degrees now. I was freezing in the bathroom when I took a shower. The hot water took a while to come on and I genuinely was afraid for a while that the hot water wasn't working.

In the end I bought a cup of yogurt from 7-11 as "dinner". I have vowed to pretend that AUD1 = SGD1 to preserve my sanity.

The order of play for Monday's tennis session is out and Roger is playing at night. YESSSS thank you Australian Open for justifying my pre-emptive purchase of both Day and Night session Rod Laver Arena tickets. There's nothing interesting going on on RLA in the day, but lots of interesting matches at the outer courts - like Lu Yen-Hsun vs. Florian Mayer on court I forgot what. I wanted to bring my Taiwan flag cap to wear in support of my fellow countryman but I couldn't find it (I gave Wei Chuen an I Love Taiwan cap. Too bad he's overseas and I couldn't get it from him). I'm so bummed that he'd have no way of knowing that I'll be there to support him.

I will also be checking out Tommy Haas versus random American player - that is, if it's not totally weird meeting Adrian tomorrow (Adrian is gay for Tommy Haas). There will be a group of people from the tennis forum there so it should quite fun, though I've never actually hung out with a group of ang mohs before even though I'm 25, so the accent issue will be quite challenging. I always try to mask my accent around foreigners (mask, not put on a fake accent - please note the difference) but it's just so tiring to be unable to speak naturally for a prolonged period (i.e. anything beyond 5 minutes). Ah well.

I should go to bed. I have to check out at 10 tomorrow morning, what the fuck. Problem is, it's 10 p.m. Singapore time, 1 a.m. Australia time, and I feel like it's still 10 p.m. I didn't really sleep on the plane, too; I was too busy enjoying my business class experience and sleeping would have been an utter waste.

I can't believe I'm in Melbourne. It's so surreal. I can't believe I'm going to be watching Roger on Monday. Maybe I'll wake up tomorrow and this will feel more real.

(Time is Australian time.)
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