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Thailand Open 2008

No one told me that ESPN is broadcasting the Thailand Open! It was by pure chance that I googled Thailand Open out of the blue and went to check if the live match between Nole and Tomas Berdych (I hope I spelled that right) was showing on TV - and it was! Good thing I was in time to watch the last few games. And of course, Nole won. Duh.

Best-of-three matches are kinda boring though; I like my tennis matches long and drawn out and best-of-five. I'm beginning to like all the little things I didn't like about tennis when I first started watching. I remember bitching about the deuce/advantage thing, but now I think it's exciting and adds suspense to the game. And I only like a straight-sets victory if Roger is the one winning; otherwise, straight sets is boring.

Nole's playing the final tomorrow. No idea what time (the stupid website really sucks. The draws are in a separate pdf file. WTF?) but I'll be watching! Hopefully it gets to a third set, though it probably wouldn't. And since I have no idea who his opponent is, it must mean that my beloved #2 is going to win. ATP's head-to-head says that they met in Australia this year. Nole won the championship. This is the Thailand Open. He's going to win again.

Still, he seriously needs to make Adidas lose those hideous lime green shorts. I just don't get it. First, why is he wearing the same outfit he wore for the US Open? Second, how did the lime green even happen? Whoever thought it was a good idea ought to be shot. Granted, Nole doesn't look bad, but it looks almost ridiculous. I'm too distracted by the atrocity of the lime green to really focus on his playing.

Anyway, there's nothing to say about those last few games that I caught except that Novak Djokovic won, and that poor Tomas B got breadsticked. And for some reason, the stadium was half-empty. Seriously? If I were Thai, or if there were a Singapore Open, I'd be there, front row, watching. And getting Nole's autograph. Squee! His playing style kind of reminds of Roger's a bit, sans the elegance of course (no one I've watched so far can even hope to get even a little bit close to the elegance that Roger has), which is why I like him. It's also why I'll never like Rafa.

On another note, I swam without my goggles today 'cause I couldn't find them and it was awful. A complete waste of time. And yet, I still feel tired.

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