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Just checking in to say...

Rogi won his 71st title in Rotterdam!!!

I haven't felt this happy in weeks. He was JesusFed in the first set, winning it 6-1, and played so clutch on those 39392742952 break points in the second set which he won 6-4. del Potro could've played better on some of those break points but well, I'm freaking relieved he didn't.

Rogi's forehand is fucking orgasmic. After that horrendous Davis Cup weekend last week where the Rogi-led Swiss team lost 0-5 to the USA at home on clay I nearly un-designated him as my soma; but this week, I derived pleasure from whatever little I could watch of his matches, and this final - I was just beaming and grinning from ear-to-ear from the start to the end. Obviously I had to survive a few of his service games where he faced break points in the second set (I missed the first game of the first set when he saved a couple of break points), but seriously, some of the shots that he hit tonight were absolutely sublime. That forehand - orgasmic barely covers it, if truth be told. It's the best shot in the history of tennis. No one can hit a forehand like he does. That's why I love him so much.


In other news, I don't feel like talking about anything else. That's all.

Pictures to follow, maybe; if I can find any.
Tags: juan martin del potro, roger federer, rotterdam open, tennis

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