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Chuck =(

I have one more episode to go before Chuck officially ends for me forever. I just want to say that I was virtually in tears during the entire Chuck versus Sarah episode. Oh my god, the whole scene when Chuck was begging Sarah to remember them in their dream house made me cry. It was so heartbreaking especially after the flashbacks to how they started - their first kiss in Season 1 oh my god, that was so stunningly sweet, and their wanting a normal life with each other after all the spy shit. Zachary Levi was so good, and after his speech Sarah just went, "That's sweet but I don't believe you" and kicked the shit out of him. Oh my god, so heartbreaking.

Season 4 wasn't great for the most part so I sort of weaned off the show a bit but now that it's ended, and I'm one episode away from the end, I don't want it to end. This is my second favourite show of all-time after Veronica Mars. I've watched the first season - in order - like at least 3 times (I've watched the first season of VM from start to finish 7 times already), the second and third seasons at least twice. It's so fucking good. Apart from the comedy and the slapstick and the action and Yvonne Strahovski's gender-transcending hotness, I fucking love the Chuck/Sarah relationship. They always bloody make me cry and this whole Sarah losing her memory plot...what the hell, it should lead up to the next season, not be the storyline of the series finale. It makes me so sad that there's no more season 6. It'd probably suck like season 4 did but sucky Chuck is better than no Chuck.

When I saw Sarah's hotel room from the first couple of seasons at the end of episode 11 it really hit me that the show has ended. So bloody sad. I can't believe I didn't recognise Bryce's action sequence from season 1 when Sarah did that under-the-table sliding thing in Chuck versus Sarah. Obviously I need to watch season 1 again.

I love this show so much. This is an incoherent entry.
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