anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

Shit entry.

Someday, I would really like to understand why people insist on boarding an MRT carriage that's practically filled to the brim when the next train is coming in 2 minutes. I would also really like to understand why mainlanders are such fucking assholes, like this fucking disgusting mainlander guy who continued reading his stupid newspaper despite how crowded it was, who had the gall to push my bag when it got in the way when HE was the one who boarded the damn train even though it was already crowded as hell.

Also, in relation to all those idiots walking while texting on their iPhones or better yet, watching a video on their iPads, I would like to see them walk head-first into a wall one day, or walk into someone, or trip and fall while walking down the stairs. That would be fucking hilarious. Why bloody text and walk at the same time if they can't walk fast while texting? They only get in my way and I'm already super irritated everytime I have to take the MRT and these idiots do not help the already fucked up situation by pissing me off even more.

I hate that I have to take the MRT home. Obviously public transport is hazardrous to my health. If I were actually loaded I'd take a taxi home every day; unfortunately, I'm just a humble civil servant with an overblown ego.

Fuck that shit.


The subconscious jealousy harboured by people still stuck living in the past will never cease to amuse me.


I just found out that I can download the Shelly Kagan Death course on iTunes. The downside is that it's taking forever to download 20 lectures. There's even a full transcript of all the lectures. Too bad there isn't a copy of all the reading materials; I actually have to go get the books and I don't think I can be fucked to do that.

Lastly, Caroline Wozniacki is so fat and ugly. It's a joke how she was #1 for 2 years without a forehand to which I compare mine to demonstrate how I don't have a forehand.

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