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Toxic love.

Having watched the Gossip Girl finale a few days ago, I continue to be extremely bothered by the guy that Blair Waldorf chooses. This goes beyond my preferred ship (Dan+Blair, a.k.a. Dair) and I will explain why. To briefly provide the background: Blair has this on-again, off-again relationship with Chuck Bass whom the show portrayed as her soulmate for a couple of seasons. Amongst the myriad reasons they were off at one point is the fact that 1) he whored her out for a fucking hotel; and 2) once they argued over something which I don't remember and in a fit of rage he punched a mirror next to her face, causing glass shards to fall on her face.

When they were off-again (and ignoring the ridiculous royal wedding storyline), Blair started getting close to this guy called Dan Humphrey. I didn't give a shit about him before this storyline because he was a wimpy judgmental loser and a poor writer with shit imagination; but after the show started this Dair storyline, I totally changed my opinion of him and basically pretended that the first 3 seasons never happened. There's really no way of putting it except to say that he was insanely sweet and devoted to her. He'd do anything for her. He was there for her every time she needed him, and best of all, he knew her, he respected her, and he loved her for who she was.

Compare this to fucking Chuck Bass who once again told her that her love wasn't enough in the season finale, who traded her for a hotel, who was physically and emotionally abusive. Is this what 'epic love' is supposed to be? Because I have been through something like this before and I can say with 100% confidence that it's absolutely fucked up in real life. That's why I continue to be personally affronted by some stupid and, let's be honest, absolutely badly-written storyline on a trashy teen show. Apart from how Blair's choice totally did not gel with the preceding episodes, it is utterly insulting to me that someone who has been portrayed as a strong, intelligent woman in the past ends up choosing the relationship that has broken her, which she admitted was toxic, with a guy with whom she feels vulnerable.

You don't feel vulnerable in a healthy relationship. You don't describe a good relationship as 'toxic'. And in the real world, a strong, intelligent woman doesn't go back to a guy who's done absolutely unforgiveable things to you, no matter how remorseful he is. It does not happen like that. It should not happen like that. But the sad thing is, it probably happens all the time. It's so sad and so dark and so disgusting that Gossip Girl did women trapped in abusive relationships everywhere a huge disservice by depicting such an abusive relationship as one worthy of celebration because it is an 'epic love'.

Fuck your fucked up idea of 'epic love'. I'll tell you what's epic: Logan Echolls and Veronica Mars; Buffy and Angel; Chuck Bartowski and Sarah Walker. Blair and Chuck? They're possibly the most offensive and fucked up couple in television history. It may be just TV, and horrible TV at that; but it hit way too close to home. The emotional abuse, the constant feeling like you're not good enough, the unreasonable demands, the pressure to measure up, the toxicity, the loss of self...

You just don't choose a guy who makes you feel worthless. No matter how fucking sorry he is, and I swear I'd shove his apology up his arse if I could, you just don't choose a guy who makes you feel worthless - especially when you have another guy who treats you like a princess the way you should be treated. God I fucking hate this storyline. The more I think about it, the more agitated I am. It's so wrong on so many levels - and I used to ship this couple.

I'm so not watching the final season of Gossip Girl. As far as I'm concerned, this show ended when Blair agreed to go to Rome with Dan.
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