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Opiate of the Masses.

I'm so over local politics. I couldn't care less about the Hougang by-election or the Workers' Party and definitely not the PAP. I couldn't care less who won that seat and whenever I see some pro-WP update in my newsfeed on Facebook my first instinct is to roll my eyes and dismiss it as popularistic crap. (I doubt I need to point this out but just in case - I never see anything positive about the PAP in my newsfeed.)

Compare this to one year ago and my enthusiasm during the General Elections. I really don't think it's a case of how I won't be voting anyway since I don't live in Hougang; rather, it's really obvious that I instinctively go against the grain and reject whatever is popular at a particular time*. The PAP was never popular and naturally I had to rebel against the establishment; now that anti-PAP sentiments are so popular with the general masses, who wield it with the full-blown ignorance and stupidity that only the general masses can possess, I am regarding the whole thing with dismissive disdain.

Let's face it: Most of the people who complain about the government haven't the slightest idea what they're complaining about. Or rather, they're unhappy about a host of issues but they're absolutely unable to engage their brains and think critically about the issues, let alone come up with solutions to the perceived problems. Do they understand the government's reasons for imposing the policies that they purport to hate? Of course not, because they don't even bother to find out what the policies are and try and understand why certain things are the way that they are. All they do is complain, make ad hominem "arguments", complain, conflate different issues, complain, and have I mentioned complain? Perhaps most egregiously, they complain in an absolutely unintelligent manner, using coarse, ungrammatical language, and putting their utter inability for critical thinking (I'm not even speaking of intellect here) on display for all to see.

It is so tiresome. I have not defected to the dark side and I never will; I'm just so tired of the empty rhetoric that infects cyberspace, the empty nothingness that appears to reside in the cavity between the ears of these people that make these stupid comments. Feel free to call me arrogant (again, I'd agree with a huge smile on my face) but anyone with a functioning brain, a decent level of intelligence and some semblance to intellect can see that most of these anti-PAP clowns are just that: clowns. No, sorry, I mean clowns of the highest order.

I was told of some conspiracy theory that my parents heard about some recent financial regulations introduced by the monet@ry authority, and it just blew my mind how simple-minded people can be. Since I work in the said authority I can say with full confidence that no regulations are passed without full policy considerations, i.e. what should be done in the best interest of the country and these idiots that inhabit the said country.

1% of me is hoping that PAP wins that Hougang seat (the remaining 99% doesn't give a fuck) just so that I could sit back and watch the ensuing comedy, starring the collective whiny and muddled anger of half? three-quarters? of the population. Seriously, fuck everyone to hell. I can't wait to get out of here and start my life proper.

*with the exception of Roger Federer.


On another note:

I'm the girl who doesn't keep pets despite her love for animals because she can't handle the emotional trauma of losing her beloved pet to natural death.

What do I do? I don't think Shelly Kagan can philosophise me out of this.

What do I do?


Lastly, the fucking French Open draw sucks so fucking bad. I can't believe Nadal's easy draw. I can't believe Roger got del Potro and Berdych in his half (he's possibly facing either one in the quarters I believe). I think not even Simon Reed's Prophecy of Doom is enough to stop Nadal from winning the French again.

Fuck tennis. I will still watch anyway.
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