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Love for Dollhouse and Chuck (contains spoilers for both).

This has to be said because it was SO awesome:

The latest episode of Dollhouse was in-freaking-credible.

The previous one, episode 10, was rather dull and pointless, so I didn't really expect much from episode 11. But oh my GOSH did it deliver and shock my socks off me. I honestly didn't know the high-strung pot guy was freaking ALPHA, a.k.a the mysterious "villain" of the season who almost destroyed the Dollhouse. It was soooo good, and the actor is AMAZING. I was so irritated with him whe he was acting as the crazy pothead science genius, and was wondering why the hell I was being subjected to his lame attempts at humour...then he barged into the doctor's room, slashed my poor Victor's face, and then revealed himself to be Alpha.

I have been waiting ALL DAMN SEASON to see Alpha, and I was wondering how they'd finally introduce him to the viewers after so many episodes of fleshing him out and enticing the viewers to keep watching to see what the fuss is all about. And you know what? Joss Whedon and his team totally did not disappoint. They got the perfect actor for the role and revealed him in the best, most shocking, most impactful (is this a word?) way possible. Just - MIND-BLOWING!

I'm totally confused as to why Alpha had to kill the actual guy who built the Dollhouse, and why Alpha and the guy had the same face. Or at least, I think they had the same face. The FBI file on the actual science guy went by really quickly so I didn't get a proper look, and I'm not one who pays close attention to the tiny details anyway. This actually bugged me the whole night after I watched it - and it was already after 3 in the morning. I hate it when a show appears to be smarter than me! But it makes me love the show even more!

There was a lot of Paul - a.k.a Hottest FBI (well, ex-FBI) Agent Ever - in this episode but he was quite annoying, sadly. I mean, Tahmoh is still pretty like I couldn't really believe, but his scenes with Echo were just ANNOYING. It's sad that Paul is the weakest link of the show. I waited all season for them to do something more with the character because he has so much potential, not least because he's played by a really hot actor with really amazing acting chops; but ugh, he's just...dense. Awfully dense. I mean, kudos for finding where the Dollhouse is located, but it was just dumb to barge in and rescue Echo when she was in her blank state.

The fight scene between him and Boyd was fantastic though. And I LOVE the connection between Echo and Boyd. Many people have said that Dollhouse is impossible to get into because you don't feel for these robot-people, but it's little scenes like the one where Echo remembers past assignments in which Boyd saved her (because he was her handler) help to make these "dolls" worth rooting for. And I think Eliza Dushku, for all her limitations as an actress, plays Echo REALLY well, to the extent that Eliza makes me care about Echo.

The neo-Spike/Druscilla at the end was a bit much, but crap, Alpha's sheer hotness was enough to make up for it. It says A LOT about the actor when, in the span of not one episode, but maybe 15 minutes, he turned a character from wimpy and gross and annoying to Absolutely Hot. Okay, hot in a serial-murderer, psychotic kind of way, but still hot. When he was making out with whomever Echo was supposed to be in his mind? That was really hot. Alan Tudyk/Alpha makes me want to watch Firefly! And maybe I will.

I'm quite sad that Dollhouse is probably going to get cancelled because Fox sucks and Joss Whedon shows ALWAYS get cancelled (apart from Buffy). If they handle this season well though, I might just be in peace with that.

BUT! I can't say the same for Chuck. Because the seaon finale was absolutely PHENOMENAL. The show is absolutely PHENOMENAL. I really, really love this show and I think I might rank it second to Veronica Mars in my all-time favourites list. It blends comedy with drama and action so well, and the actors are all amazing, and Charah is actually getting somewhere, and now Chuck's Intersect has been upgraded and he can go all MatrixKeanuReeves on a bad guy's ass. I love it. It better be renewed or I'd be damn pissed. I just don't understand how a fantastic show like Chuck could conceivably get low ratings and face cancellation when a crapshit show like Heroes, well, got renewed (albeit for only 18 episodes). NBC is massive fail. It will upgrade to Epic Pass if it renews Chuck - and it better renew Chuck.

Right, have to go play tennis now! I just had to rave about Dollhouse because it was SO good, and Chuck too because I FLOVE Chuck. I need to buy me some Season 1 DVDs.

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