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A quick entry.

I just came back from tennis with the super pro dude I met at the NUS wall, and it was great! I actually played 15 shots in a row before I missed which is totally out of this world because my consistency is kind of non-existent, and when I play with my friends we can't rally past 5 shots. Today I did 31! OMIGOSH!!!

I think I'm quite close to coveting my own backhand and it's still miles ahead of my forehand. Having said that, the latter is getting better - slowly for sure, but surely Bwahaha.

The downside is, my right arm feels strange. There's this dull ache that shoots through it when I extend it too much or too suddenly. I hope it feels better tomorrow morning.

I love tennis! I'd be quite honest and say that I decided against Beijing partly because I wanted to clear my schedule for tennis. Crazy, right? Whatever. At least it wasn't because I wanted to clear my schedule to watch Roger's tournaments! (Though...that was a small secondary reason. Ha ha?)


On the way home I was listening to Class 95 (my mom hijacked the CD player so I've been subjecting myself to crap songs the past few days) and they suddenly played 98 Degrees' The Hardest Thing, and I felt really happy hearing it and singing along. I'm amazed I still remember the lyrics and the melody. I'm also amazed I knew immediately it was 98 Degrees despite not recognising the song at first.

Too bad I can't remember the lead singer's name. Nick Lachey? There was another cute guy but I don't remember his name. Oh well.


I joined Twitter when I found out Andy Roddick has an account which he updates quite a bit, and his latest two updates were "good morning all...eggs with cheese" followed by "practice". I was quite tempted to reply with, "Good morning Andy! Are you playing Madrid?"

But I didn't because I'm too scared. Besides, he won't see my question if I'm not on his "following" list right? I have no idea how this thing works.

And speaking of scared, I was flipping between 91.3 and 95.0 on the way to KR and I heard this promo on 91.3 for some contest where you win a chance to interview DAVID COOK. I was SO excited at first, and even wanted to fish for my phone to call in after hearing "Declaration", but...I stopped myself and remembered this: If I were in a room alone with David, I'd SPAZZ so bad, I wouldn't get a coherent sentence out, let alone a QUESTION.

But he's totally single again!!

On a much more sombre note though, I just found out his brother passed away a few days ago. I watched an interview that he gave after he ran for a brain tumour charity (which was a day after his brother passed away) and I was really impressed by how he held it together and managed to talk about what the charity meant to him, what his brother meant to him (though, as usual, not in any great details), and almost managed to totally hold it together, until his voice got a bit thick and he wiped at his eyes.

I just want to hug him. I felt so sad when I found out. His Always Be My Baby wasn't good just because of how he arranged it; it was sublime because of what that moment meant for him. He's so genuine and I wish he didn't have to go through this. My heart goes out to him and his family.


Need to shower. Now.

Listening to Kris Allen's songs from his self-produced album, Brand New Shoes, and I LOOOOOVE so many of the songs. Wipe It Away positively sounds like a Coldplay song (i.e. Coldplay songs from their first album; I'm not really familiar with their stuff after Parachutes), and the song I'm listening to now, I Was Played, is GREAT! Catchy and upbeat. He even has an angsty song called Be My Lady which sounds a lot darker than its title suggests. It's not one of my favourites though; it's a bit too gloomy.

Who would've thought the adorable KRIS ALLEN could ever be too gloomy for me?

TOTALLY voting for him into the top 3 tomorrow. Will not risk Kris being sent home without a nice hometown visit!

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