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Thank you, Daniela.

Daniela Hantuchova is one of the hottest female tennis players with legs over which I salivate. I've always considered her figure to be quite perfect, too, except sometimes I find her a bit too skinny.

As someone who struggles a little bit with her body, I was extremely gratified when I saw this picture:

Thank the lord - she has a tummy, and it looks great. I feel so much better about myself now.


A couple of random thoughts:

Run-on sentences

The one language-related crime that pisses me off the most is run-on sentences, or one's inability to use the comma properly. Nothing annoys me more than the following:

It's very hot today, I hate the weather.

I can't watch a movie tonight, I have lots of work.

Roger Federer won 17 grand slams, he's clearly the greatest of all-time.

My favourite punctuation is the semicolon. I read a piece on the New York Times today about a Kurt Vonnegut-obsessed writer who took his hero's advice to never use a semicolon in his writing, until he came across another writer's wonderful usage of the said punctuation mark and was converted as a result. With all due respect, anyone who admits to worshipping Vonnegut doesn't really deserve to be taken seriously; Vonnegut is vastly overrated in my opinion, and I couldn't get through 90 pages of Slaughterhouse Five without wanting to resort to desperate measures to relieve my boredom, such as cutting myself. The fact that he apparently condemned the semicolon merely reaffirms what I already thought of him as a writer before I came across that article.

The point is, I worship the semicolon, but a misplaced comma annoys me more than a misused semicolon. Granted, most people probably don't even know thta the semicolon exists and therefore an occasion in which the semicolon would be misused does not arise as frequently as that for the poor comma. Still, I've had it with run-on sentences. I just don't understand how difficult it is to use a full stop, or a conjunction, or the em-dash, or, yes, a semicolon.

It's very hot today. I hate the weather.

I can't watch a movie tonight; I have lots of work.

Roger Federer won 17 grand slams - he's clearly the greatest of all-time.

The above are just suggestions. A semicolon could easily replace the dash in the third example; the reverse is true for the second sentence. As for the first example, the two sentences (when punctuated correctly) clearly contain two independent ideas; why the hell use a comma? How does that make sense? How does that feel right?

I've done some reading on this out of boredom and I must admit that the technical details and terms like "independent clauses" and whatever fly way over my head. In all honesty, I have no interest in equipping myself with the technical language to explain something that I know instinctively. I punctuate according to instinct, and my instinct comes from...reading. And obviously I don't mean reading trash like ohnotheydidnt or whatever, but actual books by real writers who can actually, gasp, write. I have my voracious reading habit as a child to thank for my current command of the English language. When I use Microsoft Word I find myself frequently telling it to fuck off when it green underlines my text. I get more enjoyment out of editing someone's piece of writing than, well, 90% of the shit that I do, or which I am supposed to do but don't do, every day.

As a result, I cannot help but feel offended and personally affronted when I come across run-on sentences - and I come across them a lot. Here's a heartfelt plea, then, to my friends reading this: Please, when you write to me, be it via text or email, make an effort to proof read your email or text messages for run-on sentences. It's a small step towards making me less cranky and hopefully happier.

I can't remember what else I wanted to say

I'm finally beginning to feel some excitement for London. I can't wait to eat some cupcakes at Hummingbird Bakery. I had the red velvet from Twelve Cupcakes today, and although it's good, it can't compare to the amazing red velvet from Hummingbird. Even the famous cupcake store in Melbourne failed to live up to the gold standard set by Hummingbird.

It's my birthday tomorrow and, well, that's a rather depressing thought.

Singapore is such a joke. If Lee HL was serious about his comparing Gardens by the Bay or whatever to Central Park and Hyde Park, then I really don't know what to say. The comparison fails on the most fundamental level because the parks in New York and London are free of charge. Does he know that there public tennis courts in Central Park that people can use for free? Obviously that's not a concept that resonates because this is Singapore after all. I'm not paying 25 dollars to see some fucking artificial park shit when I will be in London for one year, during which time I can go to Hyde Park ANY FUCKING TIME I WANT FOR FUCKING FREE.

Second, MOE's sex education is a joke. Teaching abstinence in schools is outdated, unrealistic and potentially dangerous. Don't even get me started on its treatment of homosexuality.

Lastly, the death penalty reform - I really admire rights groups and people with some basic sense who could actually applaud, even if merely as a formality, the government for doing away with the mandatory death penalty in limited cases, most notably section 300(c) of the Penal Code. I admire them because my reaction was, "What the fuck, this is fucking it?" I don't use this word often but what the fuck kind of pussy reforms are these? It totally reminds me of the section 377 "reform" that decriminalises non-intercourse sexual conduct between hetereosexuals but still leaves the criminalisation of homosexual acts intact: It takes a step forward, but doesn't go far enough; except in the case of the death penalty, the step taken is so fucking pussified that I don't even know why they bother. How can the judge even have the choice to impose the death penalty on a drug courier? A truly bold and significant step would be to do away with the death penalty completely in such cases because it cannot be stated enough how disproportionate the punishment is to the crime. I would even go further to say that the mandatory death penalty should have been abolished throughout, no matter the crime (then again, why even say this? I would abolish the death penalty completely like the enlightened countries around the world have already done). I only learned recently that the murder provisions have not been reviewed since the Penal Code was drafted in 1871. It's just unbelievable what kind of paternalistic, anti-human (there's no other way to put it) criminal "justice" system we have here. It's a load of shit. It's a fucking joke. It's fucking depressing. Common sense would dictate that a set of rules drafted by an Englishman for another British colony in the 1800's might not be applicable more than a hundred years later, but do we care? Apparently not. Also, if I have to read one more time about how the death penalty is an integral part of the criminal justice system or whatever, I might just do something drastic - like change nationality, for instance.

Reading Singaporeans' comments on Yahoo! News articles also make me feel like I don't belong in "Stupid" doesn't even begin to sum up the utter dearth of intelligence in at least 99% of those posts. You can take any position you want, but make sure you do so intelligently; make sure you are able to articulate your stand intelligently. Most Singaporeans seem incapable of doing so and I really don't get it. Even if the command of English isn't that great, surely the brain can't be that stupid that it would think of something like, "Cannot do away with death penalty! We are not the West! We are ASIA!" and actually think it makes sense.

On second thought, that sentiment is precisely how Singapore has justified its suppression of socio-political rights, so I suppose those comments are just Singaporean.

This place depresses me. It'd be brilliant to get away for a year.


I intend to do a Rogi picspam in honour of his historic Wimbledon win. I've just been too lazy these few days.

Tennis last night was horrendous. For some reason I play really badly at night. I hate how cold it is and how dark it is. Can't wait to play tomorrow morning in the sun.
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