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True Blood Season 5 finale

(Spoilers herein)


When Bill drank the Holy Blood of Lilith and melted into a pile of bloody goo, I was shocked that the show had the balls to kill off one of its main characters; but I was slightly relieved, too, because the Bill Compton of Season 5 is not the Bill Compton that I have loved for 4 seasons of True Blood.

Three seconds of Anna Paquin's awfully phoned-in crying later, the aforementioned pile of bloody goo started vibrating...and out of it rose Bill. Or what used to be Bill, but was now Lilith-as-Bill. Or Bill-as-Lilith. Or whatever.

I don't fucking care. All I care about is how fucking horrendously this show has shoved the complete and thorough character assassination of my favourite True Blood character in my face and somehow expects me to come back for season 6. Fuck that bullshit. The whole of season 5 was a tedious bore at best and an unmitigated disaster at worst: the Authority storyline with the stupid and too-obvious attack on religion via the ridiculous Lilith crap; the wolf shit which continues to be boring (except when Alcide is shirtless); the Ifrit storyline which served absolutely no purpose except to waste screen time that could have been spent on other things; more boring faerie bullshit, and that faerie birthing scene was one of the most embarrassing things I have ever seen on TV, ever; and so on. It felt like the writers/showrunners had no idea what they wanted to do with the season and made up crap as they went along, which resulted in a haphazard season that's easily the worst season of True Blood ever.

I can't believe we went from Season 1's goodness, from Bill and Sookie's amazing romance and actual intriguing characters, to Season 5's bullshit. I found watching this season so tedious that I'm not sure if I can be bothered to watch season 6, knowing full well what they did to my favourite character.

This sucks so much. At least I have a new show to watch now ("Suits").


There are other stuff, but I'm too lazy to write and plain not in the mood.


I've watched The Dark Knight Rises 4 times already, twice in IMAX. Since I don't like the number 4, I feel like watching it one more time to make it 5. Alas, I fear that there will be no more IMAX showings this weekend (once you see it on IMAX, you can't see it on any other format). There's that Trilogy marathon but it's at 10 am on Saturday and I have tennis at 9, and I just can't sit through 3 movies back to back, no matter how much I love them.

Hope there will be some screenings on Sunday or something.
Tags: rant, the dark knight rises, true blood, tv shows

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