anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

Fuck the US Open, and fuck you, Tomas Berdych

Oh my god I hate Tomas Berdych and the US Open so much that I am compelled to write this post.

First, Roger gets screwed over by a ridiculous draw with Berdych, Murray and Djokovic en route to the title.

Next, Roger LOSES TO BERDYCH and kills his hopes of winning a sixth US Open title.

Actually, that pretty much says it all. Roger wasn't even IN the match for like, the first two sets and a half. He had to rely on Berdshit choking in the third set, double faulting away his break advantage, to get himself back into the match and win. He was so patchy, barely finding the court for a huge period of time, making so many errors that I felt like I was watching MYSELF play tennis.

I mean, objectively speaking, it's good that there's someone new contesting for the title.

But fuck that shit. 1) I love Roger Federer so why does HE have to be the one to be upset and not Djokovic or Murray? 2) I HATE TOMAS BERDYCH. There's no other player on the ATP tour that I hate more than him, not even Nadal. It wouldn't be so bad and fucking frustrating if he had lost to someone like del Potro, or even freaking Andy Murray at this point; but why why WHY does it always have to be Tomas Berdych?

Even if he beats Murray in the SF, he's going to lose to Djokovic in the final.

What the fuck, I'm so pissed off. And this tournament is run by amateurs it seems - no fucking roof on any of its major show courts despite its schedule constantly being messed up by the rain over the past 5 years at least. Even Wimbledon with its pretentious traditions has a roof on centre court. Even Roland Garros with its crumbling stadium is going to build a roof over its centre court. Why the fuck is the USTA not putting in motion any plans to build a roof? I wanted to watch Andy's final match but couldn't fucking stay awake because of the stupid rain delay that caused his match to re-start at like, 4 fucking am or something. I sat in front of my TV for the second set but trust me when I say that I definitely wasn't watching it.

This fucking tournament - can't wait for it to end.

So fucking sad for Roger. On the bright side, he won Wimbledon and got back to number 1 and had a great year so far, so I guess...

oh fuck it, positive thinking isn't my style.

Fuck this tennis bullshit.
Tags: rant, roger federer, tennis, tomas berdych, us open

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