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Can't be bothered to think of a title.

If I'm being completely honest, a huge part of my wanting to do the LL.M. is because I really, REALLY want to do Jurisprudence. I didn't do it in law school because I was scared off by the thought of the closed book exam and the fact that it would constitute 8 whole credits; but I really enjoyed legal theory and I love theoretical, go-nowhere shit, so it just seemed wrong for me to have never done Jurisprudence in my entire life.

I'm trying to do a rough outline of my course selection now and I must say, apart from Jurisprudence and a couple of other courses (Terrorism and the Rule of Law; International Law of Self-Determination - yeah, it's about Taiwan for me, obviously), I'm not really super excited about them. I don't even feel like doing International Human Rights anymore because I'm not really interested in the UK or even the European Union. Also, I was wrong when I assumed that all my classes would be conducted at the New Academic Building, which is, as its name states, new; compared to most of the other rooms in LSE that I've been to, it's really like a piece of paradise right in London. Would it be quite frivolous of me to choose my courses based on where classes will be conducted?

I'm actually really tired at the moment. I woke up late this morning and missed 40 minutes of some orientation thingy (didn't miss much, I was told), then had lunch with some coursemates, then met a fellow Singaporean doing another Masters course and hung out a bit with his friends, then I came back to my apartment for like, 15 minutes, grabbed my coat, and went back to school for this welcome reception thing. I kind of planned on staying for maybe an hour then leaving, but I ended up staying the whole thing and went to the smelly pub on campus with some of them. Time sort of flies when you're talking to a bunch of new people from all over the world, and that's been my favourite part of my stay here so far. I'd pretty much been in Singapore my whole life and didn't really meet people from outside my comfort zone (Singaporean, Taiwanese, Asian); but the past few days I've met people from literally everywhere and it's been pretty fun, albeit really tiring 'cause I'm not usually the socialising sort.

One big downside that I've experienced so far, though, is that most people - Europeans, namely - can't understand my accent. I find myself having to repeat what I say, sometimes a few times, before I'm understood. It's not like I needed another reason to hate my accent, right? Now I really wish my parents had sent me to some pretentious English boarding school when I was a kid so that I'd have a proper accent now. It's also bloody tiring speaking in proper English all the time, to the point that I was so happy to finally meet my Singaporean friend as it meant I could speak normally for a while.

I'm rather liking the fact that the majority of the LL.M. students aren't native English speakers - it complements my competitive side nicely, if you know what I mean. In any event, I'm hoping I'd get approval to breach the writing limit (can't be arsed to explain; suffice it to say that this limit thing is quite annoying for me) because I really, really, REALLY hate doing exams and I don't think I can handle a closed book exam at this point in my life. Just - no. Fuck, no. Thank goodness there's a 50% essay for Jurisprudence; otherwise, it'd be like NUS all over again.

I'm damn tired and I'm trying to wake up early enough tomorrow for me to take the bus to school because I'm really sick of the Tube, so I'm going to sleep now. Haven't sorted out my courses but I guess I'll do that when I come back tomorrow. I really need to go shopping. SIGH.
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