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Seeing the salary deposited into my bank account neither sweetened the pot nor soured the deal.

So I suppose the most I can say for myself, with regard to this money issue, is that it doesn't really do anything for me.

I am rather glad, even relieved, to know that I am, at least at this moment, who I held myself out to be.


In other news, today was a horribly unproductive day.

My parents are driving me slightly nuts with their seeming need to weigh in on virtually everything that I do. First it was my relationship, then it was my career/job, and now it's my fucking insurance policies. I met with my insurance adviser tonight and at the back of my mind I couldn't help but think of the kind of comments that my parents would make if they were there, listening.

It's rather ludicrous, all things considered. But because I'm still reeling for a very motion sickness-inducing cab ride, I'm just going to leave it at that. Suffice it to say, though, that you start to wonder when you're gonna escape your parents' influence - if ever. There's nothing wrong with it per se; but it seems silly to still be hung up on it, when you're trying to make financial decisions that essentially involve your money, when you're almost 24. Americans move out of their parents' house at age 18. I'm actually 6 years overdue, so all this fretting and hand-wrangling over my insurance thing is quite unnecessary.


In tennis news, I watched Kei Nishikori play Nadal just now and I was quite impressed. By the Japanese guy, that is. He wasn't superbly impressive or brilliant, but he nearly did enough in the third set (only set I watched) to trouble Nadal a bit.

This guy used to be the Asian #1 but he's now ranked #189 - which means the Taiwanese guy is back as Asia's #1.

Sadly, Asians can't compete with the Europeans and the South Americans and the Americans on the big stage. We don't have the necessary physique - they're easily centimetres taller, which gives them advantages in terms of serve and court coverage. Smaller people make up for it by having excellent footwork (see: Justine Henin) but that's not always the case. And the best footwork I've ever seen belongs to, obviously, Roger Federer.

Anyway, Lu Yen-Hsun had the misfortune of drawing Roger in the first round last year, but this year he drew some unknown, so he won yesterday. Sadly, I don't expect that to continue for long.

Ah well. At least Lu's a real Taiwanese.

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