anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

It's 4.53 a.m.

I spent 30 minutes waiting for the night bus in the freezing 3 degrees weather. I've been back for 10, 15 minutes and I haven't been able to remove my coat.

I love clubbing in London, but I hate not being able to take a taxi at the end of the night. When winter really comes I'm probably gonna revert to my former self and be a good girl and go to bed at midnight. (My hands are still so fucking cold that I can't type properly.) I can't imgaine being out at the wee hours of morning when it's something ridiculous like subzero or something, or however cold it's gonna get in winter.

I just got my PIN but I think it's been locked. I tried to top up my Oyster with my card but I couldn't remember my PIN and I tried like 3 times and on the third time, I was informed that my PIN was locked. This is really really REALLY bad because I am literally out of cash and it's the weekend which means the bank is closed, which means...I can't go out.

Well, I was planning on studying the whole Saturday anyway so I guess that works out.

I will shower in 5 minutes. Yes, I will. It's been really cold the past few days; the temperature took a sudden dip and now I can't open my window without shivering. I just discovered that my heater is actually working, but it's currently turned to max and I don't really feel anything. I don't know how I'm gonna survive winter; and for this reason, I am quite looking forward to going home.

Of course, I will complain ad nauseum about the humidity once I'm back, but I'm pretty sure I won't miss the cold.


Anyway, my Japanese friend (she's SUPER cute) asked me to go to this Halloween party at some club in the South somewhere. It was actually really fun. The drinks were really cheap (2.50 pounds for a mixer) which means they were really diluted so I could have 3 without stumbling all over the place. She met one of her friends from her LSE course, the said friend's boyfriend and his two other friends, one of whom was really funny. The other one was...strange.

There were a lot of interesting costumes, like people in V for Vendetta masks; some guy dressed up as Harry Potter; witches and vampires (my Japanese friend went as a vampire sans the make-up); and so many more that I can't remember. My favourite song of the night was Last Night by The Strokes (we were in the R&B/Hip-hop/whatever room; the alternative was house and I hate that crap) which, admittedly, wasn't super danceable.

I need to go to a 90's alternative club. That would be so awesome.


I still don't miss home much.

It's 5.09. I really have to shower and sleep. I wanna finish reading my Dworkin reading later today but I just remembered that I only have like, 1/3 of the reading printed. This stupid online textbook thing is ridiculous - I can only print 38 pages or some shit and the pages can only be printed one by one, so I literally spent an hour yesterday afternoon PRINTING. I fucking hate this intellectual property/copyright bullshit. There should be some exception for academic pursuits or something. Maybe I have to go to school to photocopy the rest, which is so annoying and a major waste of time. UGH.

I have to factor in Roger-watching time to my schedule too, so probably won't be going to school.

I love reading Dworkin, by the way. His writing is super readable compared to other academics/philosophers that I've read so far. The worst was Kant by a mile, but then, I guess it's not his fault that he's German and that I don't know German. But really, I was assigned some chapter from his Moral Philosophy thingy and I read like less than 10 pages and gave up. I didn't even get to the Categorical Imperative; only reason I knew what it meant in its most basic form before class was because I remember reading about it in Maugham's "Of Human Bondage" and looked up the meaning in my novel.

It's clear where my priorities lie, right? I can remember where in a particular book I read something, but can't remember the things that I read, or try to read, for school. I just can't help it; I love Literature. I love the fact that I know where certain places are when I read about them in books now. Maugham set a huge part of the novel in London and when his character goes to places like Chancery Lane or Charing Cross or Soho or Victoria, I can see it in my head and it makes the reading experience that much richer and more immediate. Even better, when the protagonist talks about the loneliness that he feels when he first arrives in London, I could relate to that 100%. I don't feel that as much anymore, but towards the end of the first week, when my parents were still here, I felt quite alone and lost, knowing that they were going to leave soon.

Fortunately that feeling didn't last very long. I hate a lot of things about London but I'd be lying if I said that I didn't like it here. I do. Apart from things that have nothing to do with London (like my new-found freedom <3), I love how familiar it is, the way I just slipped into my new life without much of a hassle. I've only cried twice so far and both times had nothing to do with missing home or feeling lonely or whatever. It's a city that values anonymity, where most people don't understand each other because it's so cosmopolitan. It's easy to feel lonely, but it's equally easy to fit right in.

I love the city life. I love London because I love English Literature, and I love how walkable the central area is, and I love how I'm just another foreign face in a sea of foreign faces. It's wonderful to feel almost at home in a completely foreign city.'s time I face the massive task of removing my coat when I'm still quite cold, then removing my clothes so that I can shower and go to bed. I will let the thought of the piping hot water spur me on.
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