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I decided to be a good student today and attended Jurisprudence class before rushing down to the O2 for Roger's match against David Ferrer (okay, I had to attend Jurisprudence because I didn't understand the six pages of the Kant reading that I managed to read before I totally gave up; if I had skipped the class, I would've really fallen behind). Class finished at 1.05; his match was due to start at 1.45. I had to take the Piccadilly line from Holborn to Green Park and change to the Jubilee line to North Greenwich. Green Park is 4 stops away from Holborn and Noth Greenwich is something like 8 stops away from Green Park.

Naturally, I was FREAKING OUT when it was 1 p.m. and people were still putting up their hands and TALKING. Normally I'd be quite interested in the discussion but today, today, I just wanted out of there so that I could watch Roger live again. I literally rushed down - brisk walked all the way from the LSE campus to the tube station (I couldn't believe how far it was) and ran a few steps, charged past people on the escalators, got into the train as soon as it the time I finally reached the O2 and found my seat, I was out of breath and sweating. Ew.

This experience today was so much more harrowing, stressful and nerve-wrecking than the match against Tipsarevic. I was expecting an easy match because prior to this match, Ferrer had never beaten Roger in 13 meetings and it seemed impossible for Ferrer to ever beat him. Roger, though, apparently woke up on the wrong side of the bed and took the court with different ideas: he went down 0-40 in his opening service game, and after he held and broke for a 3-0 lead, he got himself broken and let Ferrer even the set for 3-2. He was simply not playing at the same level that he played at against Tipsarevic: he had virtually no first serves in the first set (the stat was 40% - abysmal), his backhand was all over the place, he was hitting his forehand long.

I was SO NERVOUS. It didn't help that 1) I sat in the upper tier with a shit view; and 2) the guy next to me was cheering for Ferrer and the couple to my right was this old couple who were really quiet. The guy's girlfriend was apparently rooting for Roger, but she didn't even know what "vamos" means which means she wasn't a real tennis fan, so she didn't count. I was so irritated when Ferrer broke back and the guy yelled really loudly and went, "VAMOS DAVID!"

Vamos up your fucking ass. I don't usually make a lot of noise when I'm watching a tennis match, especially by myself, but oh my god, the match was so tense and intense and nerve-wrecking for me that I cheered really loudly when Roger hit this beautiful forehand winner in the final game of the first set, and then eventually broke and won the set. The second set was even worse because it went to a tie-break and he lost his first point on serve; but thankfully Ferrer mugged out as well and hit a forehand (I think) wide to let Roger back into the tie-break at 1-1.

Roger's level was so subpar that I honestly thought that the unthinkable - the impossible - would happen: that he would lose to David Ferrer. It's not that Ferrer is a bad player; it's just that 1) he'd never beaten Roger; 2) if he had to beat Roger once in his career, I SURE AS HELL DID NOT WANT IT TO BE WHEN I'M THERE, WATCHING IT LIVE, WITH AN OBNOXIOUS FERRER FAN NEXT TO ME; and 3) losing to players that he owns is just a notch too low for Roger to sink and I really didn't want that to happen. It didn't help that Ferrer was on a hot match-winning streak, having come to London with his first Masters 1000 series title in his pocket and beating Juan Martin del Potro in three sets before this match.

I don't even know how Roger managed to win in straight sets. He didn't play well, and Ferrer couldn't take advantage. Granted, Ferrer wasn't that hot either but when Roger Federer is giving you a bunch of second serves and gifting you free points when he shanks the ball or hits it long, it says a lot about your mentality viz. him and your confidence in your own game when you can't even take a set. At least Ferrer managed to break, I guess.

Whatever, I'm just so happy that he won and therefore qualified for the semis. This means that I need to buy a ticket to the match. Hopefully I can get a good seat, like my amazing seat for this evening's match - 98 pounds, fifth row, because I thought they would put Roger on at night and I'd pay nearly anything to watch him. But no, no, no: it was fucking TIPSAREVIC AND DEL POTRO. Wouldn't be so bad, except...TIPSY GOT BAGELLED in the first set and just sucked overall.

Oh my god, what a nightmare. I don't even want to talk about it. The doubles match before was hell boring too. Damn the scheduling, seriously. Would've been so amazing if I'd watched Roger from the fifth row. I'm nervous about the prospect of watching Roger play Murray at the O2; the Murray support in the Berdych match was scary. It's going to be a tough match, especially against Murray, and I would feel awful if most people were cheering for Murray instead of Roger. I hope Djokovic qualifies second, somehow, but no way in hell is Berdbrain beating him tomorrow so I think it's really gonna be Roger/Murray in the semi.

SIGH. I will still watch. I love him so much. I love him more now that I've seen him live. He was so super nice after the match; he signed like a bunch of autographs. He was carrying his bags at first to walk out of the stadium, and after signing some autographs, he put his bags down and continued signing. I think he signed for about 10, 15 minutes. This guy got him to sign his country's flag (looked Serbian) and he kept shouting about it afterwards. I was amused.

Anyway, I'm tired, and I'm going to the O2 super early tomorrow morning in hopes of catching Roger at practice. I haven't given up on my photo with him yet, so I hope he practises tomorrow. Hopefully I can check online first before heading down; I'd be so irritated if I headed down super early and he's not scheduled to practise at all. There's nothing to do around or in the arena and the food is expensive so yeah, hopefully the I'd be able to know one way or the other before I actually head down.


In school news, I can't believe I have to write an essay on Kant and I don't even know what's going on. Thankfully it won't be graded, so I don't have to freak out yet.

The only thing that I took away from class today was that I didn't fucking understand why Kant thinks that we need to live in a society with laws in order to be free. Obviously I missed some previous steps because I didn't do the reading so it was a bit confusing. The reading, though, is nearly impossible to read: the language sucks, the terminology is weird, and I keep getting distracted by this voice at the back of my head wondering if there's anything lost in translation. I hate reading translations.

On a positive note, philosophy is so fascinating. It isn't immediately obvious, but the thinking is so structured, organised and principled. I hope that I get something out of this beyond a good grade: I hope it helps me organise my own thinking. I totally love how Kant thinks that we should go through a 3-stage process of thinking before opening our mouths to speak: 1. Thinking for yourself; 2. thinking from a contradictory standpoint; and 3. thinking consistently and resolving inconsistencies in your thinking after going through the second stage.

How beautiful is this? I really love this because there's so much unthinking, unintelligible noise out there that sometimes I think that some people shouldn't be allowed to speak. I don't seriously think that, of course; I'm doing a human rights law specialism after all.

But I will defend to the death Singapore's anti-littering laws. To the people that criticise this, what right are they trying to defend? The right to litter? The right to eat on the train and subsequently leave your rubbish around? The right to be an asshole? The right to be inconsiderate? I am being facetious, but virtually anything can be a right if you group it under the wider umbrella called Liberty. What is the value of liberty, and subsequently a right, though, if anything under the sun can be called a 'right'? This is why I really don't agree with the expansion of human rights and this idea of rights inflation. What's the point of having the kind of rights that the South African constitution has if they are just going to be balanced away against the public interest? It's probably not debatable that there's always some balancing involved in the real world, that the courts will always have to balance the right that is allegedly being infringed with the public interest that is supposed to be protected by way of the infringement.

But this balancing should be as minimal as possible. The whole idea of human rights is that the rights are so important that they either cannot be infringed upon, or if they are to be infringed upon, you need a really good reason for the infringement. It therefore follows that only interests that are of crucial importance should be given rights protection, and that rights should only confer a positive obligation upon states in limited circumstances.

But what I really want to talk about is anti-littering laws, so I'll say this: Sure, the Singapore government takes away my liberty to eat on the train or to chew gum, but I don't give a shit about having the right to eat on the train because IT'S SIMPLY NOT THAT IMPORTANT. Eat your fucking food on the way to the station, or at home, or in the office, or after you get off the damn train; don't eat on the train because more often than not, people will leave their litter around and it makes the train DAMN DISGUSTING.

Last week I took the tube to my friend's place for this Halloween thing, and it was about 8ish at night, and I was absolutely appalled to find - wait for this - chicken bones on the floor in one of the carriages. CHICKEN. BONES. They weren't even wrapped in plastic bag or newspaper or tissue; they were literally just thrown on the floor.

I cannot understand people who do this kind of disgusting shit. I ate a fruit bar on the Tube today on my way to the O2 and I noticed that I dropped a tiny bit of nut on my jacket. I took special care to pick it up and stuff it in my wrapper, which I held on to until I found a dustbin, in which I THREW AWAY the wrapper (wow, what a concept). I am absolutely disgusted by empty coffee cups left by the escalators courtesy of fucking lazy assholes who can't even hold the cups for like, one minute until they got to a dustbin. How difficult is to do that? Also, I was totally grossed out when I was walking out of the stadium after the del Potro match, because the stairs were wet and stank of beer.

If you are going to drink beer, don't fucking spill it. If you think you will spill it, don't fucking drink it. If you spill it, CLEAN IT THE FUCK UP. Isn't that logical? Isn't that common sense? Do they think it's fun for the people who have to clean up their mess to clean up that shit? How hard is it to THROW YOUR BOTTLES INTO THE APPROPRIATE BINS after you are done? WHY THE HELL WOULD ANY RATIONAL, REASONABLE ADULT LEAVE THEIR TRASH AROUND FOR OTHERS TO CLEAN UP AFTER THEM?

I really cannot stand such behaviour. I am literally physically unable to throw rubbish into things other than a dustbin because it just feels wrong. It's not right. It's not right. How nice that Londoners have the liberty to eat on the train. I want to have the liberty to take the tube without being grossed out of my mind - who's protecting my right? What about my interest?

Some issues are just not human rights issues. I'd scold the next person who tries to tell me that Singapore is a bad country because we can't eat on the train or because our anti-littering laws are draconian (hahaha draconian or strict - you pay a measly $500 fine, which is affordable for a large portion of the population) or whatever. Some things are a necessary evil, and London has more than proved Singapore right in this regard.


Since I'm on a roll, I'd like to add a few more complaints:

1. I don't know why the hell the O2 Arena made me and everyone else walk outside in the fucking cold upon the conclusion of the Federer match on Tuesday. It was announced that the arena was closed - at 3 p.m.? Seriously? Did they know how cold it was outside and that it was drizzling? What kind of gimpy arena is this?

2. I don't know why the hell the toilets there are 1) so dark; and 2) so poorly equipped. The doors have no hooks for your bags. I was carrying my bag, a jacket and a plastic bag. I hung my bag on the door knob and carried my jacket and plastic bag as I took off my pants to pee. What a world-class arena.

3. The ushers at the O2...oh wait, WHAT USHERS? At the Esplanade, you can't even try to locate your seat by yourself because there are ushers virtually everywhere. At the O2, there's one usher at each entrance, and some of them don't even know where a particular seat is. What the hell? I was misdirected to my seat on Tuesday by some gimp, and I had to look around wildly today to find someone who could point me in the direction of my seat, and I was already flustered cos I wanted to sit down as soon as possible to watch Roger. NOT FUN.

Singapore is honestly superior to London in so many ways.

That said, I still don't miss it all that much and I'm still pretty happy to be in London and complaining about all the things that piss me off.

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