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I just narrowly met the deadline for my formative essay. The deadline is 11.59 p.m. 21 November 2012. I submitted it at 11.56 p.m. I literally finished it at 11.44 p.m., leaving myself no time to put in proper citations, so I referred to two cases without any citations. Obviously, there's no need to talk about proof-reading; I had no time for that at all.

Shit. I hope there are no glaring mistakes. It's not graded, but I don't want to get a bad grade anyway; it would affect my confidence which would be pretty awful. I totally lost the plot towards the end and couldn't tie in the example that I used with the theory properly and intelligently. SIGH.

I decided to abandon judicial review and write about Dworkin's theory of rights as trumps instead. I'm pretty much in love with that man at the moment; his theories are so brilliant and so reasonably liberal that I think they would be hard to resist for most people. I'm just sorry that I didn't do his theory proper justice in my essay because I procrastinated way too much, couldn't focus on it, and ran out of time at the end. I'm just relieved that this shit won't be graded; otherwise, I'd be so fucking screwed, it wouldn't even be funny.

I'm so freaking tired now that I'm not going to prepare for Jurisprudence. I'll end this by saying that I had yet another disastrous presentation in class. I am beginning to see that I have a fear of public speaking.
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