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I was gonna go to bed already because I am so tired: I slept at 4 am yesterday trying to finish my essay on Kant's idea of freedom in his legal and moral philosophies, but was too tired to finish, so I went to bed and woke up at 8.30 to fininish it; it turned out that I didn't have to submit it in class (at 11 am) so I came back after some mild shopping in Covent Garden and took a 45-minute nap, re-did the essay so that it wasn't that bad, and went for social tennis at Bethnal Green.

I am really tired, but I have to write this. I saw an email from ACRES - animal welfare society in Singapore - informing me about a candlelight vigil for one of the dolphins that Resorts World Sentosa has captured from the wild to display (let's face it: it's a display) in Singapore that died en route to Singapore. This dolphin wasn't the first one that has died.

The reason I'm interested in human rights law is because I am interested in the protection of people, which means that I cannot stand injustice being done to people. But I can deal with stories of human rights abuses and heinous genocidal regimes like the Khmer Rouge a lot better than I can with stories of animal cruelty. I cannot even begin to conceive of an animal cruelty scenario, and when I come across such things on the Internet, I look away immediately because I know that I can't take it.

I read a blog post with pictures depicting the dolphins' living conditions in fucking RWS. It is a joke. I would love to have pools of that size, but do I look like a dolphin to you? I can't even type this properly without wanting to cry again. I genuinely don't know how there are people who knowingly put these poor creatures at risk just to make a fucking profit.

I don't want to talk about this anymore. It's too painful.


On to other matters then. My Kant essay is a disaster; it was definitely the worst of the 3 that I had to write. I think my Dworkin one was the best, but that was really bad too, so it's plain how badly I've done so far. I don't know if it's because the essays aren't graded and so I couldn't really be motivated to focus on them, but I just couldn't start at all. I procrastinated until midnight to start reading about the philosophies so that I could write my essay. How horrendous is that? I feel like a failure already.

I don't feel like writing this anymore.

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