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I love London.

I am in love with this city. I am leaving it for less than a month, but a part of me is reluctant to go. I have come to love it for all its flaws and imperfections; and I love it for all the same reasons that made me fall in love four years ago. I walked through Regents Park this afternoon and the weather was comfortably cold, and once again, I marvelled at the wide open spaces, the wildlife, how there was so much space to breathe in the middle of a bustling, cosmpolitan city.

It's a long way off still, but I'm dreading the day when my visa expires and I have to leave (unless I find a way to stay). I feel calm and peaceful. I feel satisfied. I feel fulfilled. Not even the light rain that trapped me outside of Charbonnel et Walker at Old Bond Street could dampen my mood.

Regent Street. The Christmas decor isn't anywhere near as elaborate as Orchard Road's, and I did laugh at it initially, but it feels so festive anyway. The cold weather probably helps as well.

I will miss you, London. Wait for me to come back and we'll resume our love affair from where we left off.


I spent £100 on chocolates today.

The Rococo ones that my brother kept pestering me to buy had better be worth it. The Charbonnel is definitely worth it. I bought dark chocolate champagne truffle for Wei Chuen because he doesn't like milk chocolate and I sampled one at the store and I really hated it, but the sales lady said that the alternative - Jamaican rum - had some elements of milk chocolate, so the champagne would be more pure. I wanted to try the Jamaican but I changed my mind; I hate dark chocolate and I wouldn't know the difference anyway.

Once again, biting into the sea salt caramel truffle was an absolutely life-changing experience. I am forever grateful to Denise for introducing me to this fantastic chocolatier. It's definitely better than Godiva; the best part, however, is definitely the fact that it's British.
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