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Vampire Diaries - Best Scene EVER

Let me preface this by saying two thinsg: 1) I've lost a lot of interest in this show ever since they turned Elena into an annoying damsel-in-distress Mary Sue character and the love triangle annoys the crap out of me; and 2) I'm not a fan of Klaus at all - I think he should have died last season or whichever season it was when the overarching storyline was about killing the Originals and I was really irritated that the show decided to keep him around.

Having said that, and I don't care how wrong it sounds, Klaus was so hot when he went on a rampage killing all the hybrids that betrayed him, ripping out hearts and decapitating heads. He had blood all over him and a look of vengeance on his face and he'd never, ever looked hotter.

I've watched this scene like 3 times already. Finally, Klaus' presence on the show yields something useful.

Tennis under the sun!

I played tennis this morning in the scorching sun and the sweltering heat and it was absolutely perfect. I was dying, but it was amazing. Playing in cold weather with a jacket on and wearing long leggings simply isn't the same. I felt positively sunburned, but it felt so good to be able to swing freely and feel the blood flowing through my body as I roasted under the sun. I hadn't hit my forehand so well since...well, since I left for London. It was great to play on a proper hard court again too; the weird surface of the hard courts in the public parks in London, producing a weird bounce, aren't that great to play on.

I'm getting fat

All I've done since coming back is to eat, eat, and eat somemore. Obviously not good.

I need to study.
Tags: playing tennis, singapore, vampire diaries

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