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Back in London. It's 12.43 a.m. and I'm struggling to stay awake in order to finish the essay due at 5 p.m. later today. I should have came back earlier; I thought that I was immune to jetlag but now I fear that I might have been wrong. I took what I intended to be a short nap at 4.30, planning to wake up at about 5ish and cook dinner and get started on my essay; but I woke up at 9 instead. Spent forever cooking. Spent another forever eating. Spent yet another forever doing nothing in front of my computer because I was too tired to do anything useful, and now I'm faced with the reality, yet again, of having to finish yet another essay at the last minute.

Oh well. I'm so tired. The flight was a nightmare; I'm never transiting in Doha International Airport ever again. I keep forgetting that Changi Airport is truly in a league of its own and I was expecting a transit lounge of that standard when I landed in Doha, but oh my god, it was a slum. There were so many people and I had to walk pretty far back to the end of that particular floor to find somewhere to sit. No wonder this Belgian guy I know from school said that the airport is terrible. I also hated that the airport was so big that I had to get on a minibus to get to the plane - and the airport was so big that the journey to the plane from the departure terminal took what felt like 5 to 10 minutes.

Qatar Airways is pretty good. The first flight to Doha was excellent, but the flight to London was shit. The second plane was an older plane so the in-flight entertainment was crappy compared to the first, though it didn't matter much 'cause I was asleep (sort of) most of the time. The service overall was fantastic, though the stewardess that served my side of the plane on the London flight was pretty rude. I can't complain too much though; I got better than what I paid for, really. I took this non-direct flight because it was only $881 which was dirt cheap compared to Singapore Airlines' $1500 or something along those lines. But yeah, I'm never doing this at night again. It's too tiring. It takes too long. Doha International Airport sucks. And I'm too tired to write coherently, so I'm just going to post this and attempt to string together the numerous points I wrote on paper while in transit into coherent sentences and hopefully do enough of the essay to be able to go to bed before 3 a.m.
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