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Snow in London.

I'm having a huge party with my abortion cases this Friday night. How exciting.

More accurately, though, I intended to have a huge party with my abortion cases tonight, but apart from having dinner and watching the latest episode of Vampire Diaries (honestly, at this point, I'm only watching this shit show to drool over Klaus and his hot British accent), and buying yet another pair of boots online, I've done literally nothing. It's already 11.04 p.m. This is not gonna be good.

What was also not good was that I spent one whole afternoon in the library today reading a grand total of one case out of the five cases that I have to read for Comparative Constitutional Rights class on Wednesday - and it was the shortest case. It was Roe v. Wade. I guess the good news is that I read it in some considerable detail so I have quite a clear idea of the court's reasoning...but spending an entire afternoon on one case? I am such a mug. It's also pretty tragic how slow I was, since I chose to do the readings for this class first because I thought, mistakenly, that it would be easier to read cases on a subject as sexy as abortion...alas, I was wrong. I didn't even know how long the Planned Parenthood v. Casey case was until I tried printing it and got all pissed off when my printer ran out of ink halfway and I had to reprint because it was just all messed up.

On a side note, the US Supreme Court in the aforementioned case basically said that there was a constitutional right to abortion because the right to privacy implict in a few amendments (1st, 4th, 5th, 9th and 14th) was broad enough to extend to the right to terminate a pregnancy, but it didn't really explain why. I would've thought that including the right to abortion as a subset of liberty would make more sense. Rehnquist in his dissenting judgment made the same point (among others) and I believe this is the most common criticism of what's widely known as a seminal decision.

Anyway, I finally experienced snow for the first time in my 26 years of existence on this planet. It snowed a little bit on Monday which I noticed at about noon when I looked out of my window in the midst of struggling through my horrible Use of Force essay. It spoke volumes of my sheer excitement that I actually abandoned my essay 5 hours before it was due and left it two-thirds done and got dressed and went outside to experience the snow. They were these tiny flakes of frozen water that melted immediately upon contact with one's skin or clothing or with the ground; the roads and sidewalks were wet and it looked like it was raining instead of snowing.

Today, the snow was much heavier and there was enough of it to leave a few inches of snow on the roads. I understand now the appeal of using snow as a simile to describe the appearance of white, the meaning of purity, the contours of delicateness. I hated how the wind blew the snow directly in my face, but there was no denying the awe that I felt when I looked up to see tiny snowflakes swirling down from the sky, and how beautiful a gritty, urban city looked when partially covered by pure white snow.

That said, I will not romanticise the situation too much. The truth is, it's really annoying when the snow melts on your hair and makes it wet. It's also really disgusting when the melted snow mixes with the dirt on the streets and turns into an ugly grey. It's also quite inconvenient for walking because the streets are wet and slippery. I can understand why people who are used to snow would hate it; it's inconvenient and it's cold and it gets into your face and sometimes it gets into your eyes.

Still, experiencing snow was pretty great. I could get used to the cold weather as well; I think I'm more suited for colder climates than hot, humid ones. It's only really cold if you're outdoors; as long as I'm not outside for hours, I quite like walking around in this kind of temperature for a short while at a time.
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