anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

Studying fail.

Everytime I have my laptop turned on past midnight and I'm awake "trying to "study"", I'd end up surfing websites like and; half the time I'd end up buying even more clothes that I absolutely don't need.


There's this UN networking event on Thursday that I was Facebook-invited to, which sounds like I need some formal clothes. Obviously, I didn't bring any over, save for a CYC-tailored white shirt, for which I forgot to bring my cufflinks from Singapore. Yay. I guess this gives me an excuse to go shopping...

Reading India's constitutional case on their section 377 of their Penal Code now. So excited to find out how it turned out in the end; this is sort of like reading a novel.

Speaking of novels, I saw a chapter in Dworkin's "A Matter of Principle" on why law is like literary criticism or something like that. Very intriguing.

EDIT: I skipped to the last paragraph of the judgment to see how it turned out (too impatient to read through 30 more pages of this) and obviously, the court declared that the parts of the provision that criminalised consensual sexual activities between adults (including homosexual sex) were unconstitutional. India is so enlightenened.
Tags: clothes, human rights, law, llm, random

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