anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

Bye, Lost.

I finished watching the final season of Lost over the week.

The finale wasn't as mind-blowing as I'd hoped, and I'm quite disappointed that they left many of the sci-fi/myth stuff unanswered (like WTF is up with the numbers; what was the Island's source of light; actually, what was the island and who was the woman that killed Jacob and Jacob's Unnamed Brother mother and then raised them). And I got impatient at all the emotional stuff at the end because I was waiting for it to go somewhere, but it never really did.

But it left me strangely sad. Maybe it was because it was slowly daunting upon me that the show was really, really over, which is sad in itself. For all its flaws and unanswered question, it's a great show that kept me interested, especially throughout its last 2 seasons. It also produced seriously awesome characters, in particular Benjamin Linus, the villain whom I so hated when he was first introduced but whom I ended up rooting for when the show neared its end. John Locke, the tragic, failed hero, played amazingly by Terry O'Quinn, and ironically murdered by Linus at the end of Season 5, vindicated by, of all people, Jack Shephard when the latter was proven right about the island.

Lost is one major brainfuck. That's the primary thing I like about it: it keeps me wondering, keeps me guessing, leaves me going OMG and WTF at the end of every episode. That's why the finale was somewhat underwhelming: I went WTF, but no OMG, and I wanted more of the sci-fi stuff answered. But that wasn't the producers' intention, so...

It felt a bit cheap to have Smokey/NotLocke die so easily though, after all the build-up about how the world would absolutely end if he ever left the island. He lost his powers the second the island lost its source of light, so how dangerous could he have been? He was also never really shown to be THAT much of a villain. Sure, he turned into smoke and started slaughtering innocent people, but if the smoke part was the primary source of danger, and he lost it when Desmond turned off the light, how was he still dangerous?

Well, I guess the fact that I'm STILL confused after Lost has officially ended means was a Lost finale. And thus fitting?

At least I got the whole alternate universe thing though. The thread on TWoP was flooded with like 10 pages of people going, "WTF they died from the first episode and the whole thing was purgatory?" Er, weren't you paying attention when Christian said that everyone died at some point?

On a shallow note, I was happy to see the hotness that is Ian Somerhalder. Unfortunately, he had a grand total of 2 scenes. I'm tempted to re-watch Season 1 of Lost just to see him since Vampire Diaries isn't coming back until like, September or something. (Continuing shallow note, fuck, his girlfriend is ugly. I'm mean. But I'm not the only one saying this!)

Back to the finale: Even though they all gathered in a church, I'm very glad that it didn't have a Christian ending.

Also, Sawyer and Juliet killed me. I almost cried.

But after a while, all the "omg I remember this now" from the characters became overwrought and predictable and thus silly, and I kind of stopped caring. Until, that is, Juliet and Sawyer. Ahhh I love them.

Okay, tired. I'm gonna shower then sleep.

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